Here’s a list of my absolute favorite inline skating brands!


Greg Mirzoyan in NY:

Rollerblade Twister Edge

Supplementary information about Rollerblade

USD Skate History:

USD PRO 2015

Seba iGoR 2010


ROYAL says:

hi Tiago, I want to buy SEBA iGor, my foot length is 26cm, which size should I choose?

Daniel S.F.L. says:

Now you just need a parrot over your shoulder 😉

nolaheart says:

Hi! I just found you and watched the video where you compared fitness and performance skates. Did you ever say yet if you think performance skates are good for beginners? I’ve only used quads,but I’m excited to get in line skates this time. Thanks!

Galerox RM says:

Greetings from México ! I really want to learn how to skate, and I’d like to buy a pair of freestyle ones, I have a budget of $150 dollars, I’m thinking about the freestyle ones because of the freedoom that I could achieve with them (or should I get fitness pair ?). Also there’s a ton of places to get in line skates, Should I buy them in a local store or via internet ?

If someone takes time to read and respond thanks a lot !

Natural Tv says:

i love u

Lord_Edge says:

Hey yo Tiago, Locoskates website currently has the Powerslide Swell Trinity 100 Moon Grey you mentioned in stock in EU38 🙂

Ranjit Singh says:

Nice one again!

Guamtek says:

CANNOT wait to get myself a pair of those FE drifts! Maybe they can give me another discount if I make a sponsor me video ;D

I C says:

Seba is like the Bugatti of Skates. Vive La France!

lincoln van zyl says:

Seba <3 get well soon tiago

Bhavna Rana says:

Get well soon

Daniel Naron says:

Get well soon Tiago! I myself will be like that in October due to my operation. It’s partly a miracle I haven’t hurt myself with my problems of depth perception. It’s also really nice to see your “first love” in skates. Thus far I only have one but maybe after a more use, I’ll add more to my list.

Андрей Петров says:

Странно сравнивать usd агрессивы и себы фрискейты… это вообще две большие разницы…

Bob johnson says:

we love you Tiago, I hope your eye gets better my little French buddy ;o)

elias burgstaller says:

Nice video tiago
I am currently skating on Powerslide Supercruiser Pro
Greetings from austria

Guamtek says:

And ya, all of your questions and recommendations to the skate companies make a lot of sense.

The metal parts on my new flying eagles feel a lot more stable and high quality compared to a lot of other teams brands (usd, razor, etc). Never knew how much better materials could up the game of any skate.

Great video, man. Hope you get to try some eagles soon! They may not be seba quality, but they are super fun!

Spasiboy says:

Get well soon bro!

Dire Wolfy says:

I hope you get better!

ICrozy oficial Parodias y Montajes says:

Well now you can say you are an inline skater pirate? Xd hope you get well greetings from Uruguay

Sidney Gomes RJ says:

Melhoras cara!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)   [Brasil / Rio de Janeiro / Rio de Janeiro / Centro]
Sometimes you speak Portuguese too.

Dylan Kates says:

ive got a pair of twister edge 3WD coming in a few days. i’ll do an unboxing and a test video

superiuxn0va says:

hey Tiago, been wondering, why you never tried out the metroblade, or you have but i dont know. it’s just the flagship as we know it of rollerblade and pretty impressive, just want to know your thoughts about it.

Rafael Goncalves says:

Fila is a good brand?

Martijn Habex says:

You’ ve got the opposite problem as me! I’ve got size EU46 and they have to be wide… Last summer I’ve bought SEBA’s but changed the frame to a 3WD 125mm from rollerblade. Top-combination! As you say: Seba has to invest in triskate…

White Dessert 3 says:

Sorry, for Seba is a real s**t brand. Just is name…
Flying Eagle only number 5? Oh God! Actually are the best brand.
A gretting.

Celina Brown says:

New sub, Love your videos very informative!

NachoGM says:

Where is cougar

Robin Blood says:

your videos are big fun to watch..i enjoy dem every evening.. hope your eye is fine again..thx bro from germany

Daniel's Skating School [SkaMiDan - English] says:

Good job. For me the favourite brands are Powerslide, USD and Valo. 🙂

Ella the Princess says:

I have a pair of powerslides. AND ITS LOOOVE! If I had a choice I would never take them off! Loved the video!

plazR21 says:

you have a very small feet and I have the problem with my eu47 sise feet xD

Costa Bruno says:

Hey Tiago i m a beginner to inlineskating. Im wondering, is falling while just normal skating ( i want to learn it, but not to do some fancy tricks, more to an alternative for my bike.
Best wishes from Luxembourg 🙂

Arek Wierszyłło says:

Flying eagles – awesome skates!

hyugo higashiuchi says:

hey tiago i got some interesting stuff for you “«Journée sans ma voiture», qui aura lieu le dimanche 1er octobre, de 11h à 18h ” what about going out with your french subs that day ?

Jokerr Fox says:

I feel like I’m the only one who still says rollerblading lol. Thanks for the count down. I’ve been thinking of trying triskates and this is a good reference on brand

Ilya Deswerdt says:

He probably came in his own eye

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