my K2 EXO rollerblades user review

these rollerblades are the coolest look but not the best comfort for heavyset people.

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smash ice device says:

K2 skates are soft all round. Its made entirely fabric than plastic. Maybe you wanna try other brand that has more plastic support all round your feet to skate on.

Yongary Gonanra says:

is it too tight even with socks on? that is how I see it. When you begin to rollerblade, bend your knees and your standing position is good when you are not moving or resting

ARKIMIA Vc says:

If u where not able to get them back.. K2 rollerblades have the soft boot quality, u loose a little response, but they are quite comfortable,.. U will wear them out in less than 6 months. If u use them frequently.. blast them.. Ull get use to that displacement… try the Seba.. or try a brand that uses more than 1 strap. Get ur exact shoe size too, so there is no extra room..

slesperado says:

Thanks for the warning. I will not be purchasing these.

theportmeister says:

you need to stop walking on your heels and shift some weight to the ball of your foot. that’s why you have weak ankles and you can really walk any way you like but we really are supposed to walk with avout 60-70% percent of your weight on the ball of your foot. thats what is ergonomically correct.

D. Ryan says:

Dude I know this is old but Fuuck these skates suck. I have the same pair with the exact same problem. The skates are faulty. they want to roll your ankle over and the comfort is horrendous, cant ride them for anymore than 5 minutes. Had a buddy try them out. Hes a skier skater and he was out of them after 100 yards. Straight garbage, pissed me off

Bradley Sasse says:


Robert Boney says:

Do u have weak ankles?

Jaylin Patterson says:


NOCA Graffiti says:

nice vid good bigginner

Pavel Yasinskiy says:

nice roller blades dude ware did u get them bro

Brandon C says:

I have K2 F.I.T. 80 Inline Skates 2015, and I haven’t had an issue with them yet. but it almost seems the wheel housing on your blades are bending or something like that cause they seem to be facing more inwards then normal

FutureLaugh says:

SAME thing happen to me bro, right out of the box at the end of the night my foot was aching. The shit was crooked or something. Also the wheels were real tight too and they are supposed to be smooth. Back to amazon you go!

Jack Williams says:

try to curve your foot in more to stop the curve

doodoostickstain says:

i hate to be negative,but HAVE to post this for potential buyers. do NOT get these skates. I can’t recommend a brand, but I can say these were my first, and my worst. they lasted two months roughly, and my ankle still has problems a year later. Did i skate in them wrong? I haven’t had any trouble with any of the other skates i’ve used since, so likely not. the poster pointed out, they twist you up in a weird way. I refuse to touch K2 again on principle, though i hear the Fattys rock!

Ian Miller says:

I have k2

Evan Griffen says:

Don’t tie then as tight near the top of your foot.

Hi, my name is [ Dan ] says:

You idiot! We can’t figure out the problem IF YOU DONT SHOW US HOW YOU SKATE!!!

Cristian Daniel says:

you sound like a black man

Jack Williams says:

roller blades should feel uncomfortable after a hour or two

Wade Cormier says:

it looks like they are out of line,,,your foot is straight,,,but the wheels are pointing inwards,,,,,k2 are junk

Jaylin Patterson says:

If you bind your knees you will more straighter

daniela urena says:

it look 2 cushined

Jack Williams says:

i like them the are pretty cool

Baran P says:

What an idiot every one has that problem you need to skate more is all about balance not your boots.

Alexander F says:

ficking nigger

MultiCODexpert says:

ha u use gay stoppers haaha

Veno X says:

That weird zip tie thingy at the top is usually called a memory buckle, nice video?

doodoostickstain says:

lol The frame is at an angle instead of pointing straight down to force you to “get more out of your exercise session”. I’m going by actually holding and looking at them ;p not by the video! And your welcome btw slesperado ^_^

razclud says:

Stop being smart asses, the guy is fine, take a look at how the wheels are centered, then you can talk about imaginary ankle problems.

pujol jojo says:

the only thing your doing wrong is…well your not doing anything wrong its just you have to break the skate in but your want some real action buy these

Michael Brain says:

I have these roller blades and they seem fine i have been using them for a couple of weeks and there fineand i noticed tht when uwere standing up ur feet didnt look flat they were leaning to the sisdes thts probably why they look distorted.

John Smith says:

Very nice I’m getting rollerblads soon

ZianStaysCold says:


Fauon G Studios says:

I have the same shit with mine! I ok bring those back..

ventci markov says:

260 You definitely need something stiffer

RatedFlyBizzy says:

those skates are pure swag

Paul says:

ok i gotta say since i see everyone still posted stupid stuff


I inline skated for a job! I’m talking 10 hour shifts entirely in skates! TRUST when I say these skates are trash! I went through four sets before I finally got some completely custom aggros, and I’m telling you those K2 skates were garbage that twisted your ankle. the problem is the frame is at an angle, supposedly to make you have to work harder to stand in them, and that’s the “fitness” feature! it’s a really shit concept.

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