Check more about tis skates here:

and the newest version, With trinity mounting here:

I have been enjoying this skates a lot more then i have ever the video and let me know what you think of them.



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iglesia filadelfia says:

Abla en español también no sea loco

Te Za says:

I really like that you don’t focuse on just one type of skating (agressive or urban) but you present many approaches to inline- and rollerskating. It’s awesome!

Rafael Segala says:

Hello Man. Thank you very much for this review. I’m from brazil and I’m using a Rollerblade Twister 80. I want to upgrade my set to get a better performance. I do 16km daily.. I’m between the PS Grand Prix and PS World Cup. The tw80 give me a lot of blisters and pain in ankle… Also I have the feeling that the skates are not tightly fitted to my foot.

I have a question for you and I hope to get an answer from someone with a huge experience like you… Which one do you recommend for me? I will buy one of them from a US store based on the web size chart at, since there isn’t those version and my size at Brazil (46).

Please continue posting videos and thank you!!!

C. DCF says:

I loved this, probably the only video out there that talks opinion on these 125 skates. Question when you get to it – I want to get into marathons (i.e. berlin marathon), as I only do a minimum of 30 km every time I go out on my 110 rollerblades.
I’m confused as to all these new 125 skates:
3 from Powerslide (Marathon, Grand Prix, World Cup)
1 from RollerBlade – Tempest
1 from K2 Mod
Do you have a recommendation? I can’t tell the difference – esp. with the Powerslides. Thank you!

Lasse Bjerregaard says:

I just got a pair of these, and the length of the skates is perfect. However, they hurt my ankles like hell… I suspect that they simply have to be broken in. Any detailed instructions as to how to heat mold these skates? Do I have to take off the frame before putting them into the oven? What do I do after I strap on the skates after the oven – just stand in them for a while? Nice video BTW. Awesome that you can slide in these, ha ha.

Guillermo Vergara says:

Nice info… They look like a train

Eric Mueller says:

Nice, enjoyed the information. Did you heat mold them? wheels off with frame on?

Rfdusty says:

I like how you used your face with the red beanie as your mark! awesome setup too!

Volp says:

Great video and great channel brother! I skated for most part of my life and after a lot of years and I mean “a lot” with the same salomon inline skate I decided to buy a new skate the flyingeagle with 3×110 supersonic frame. I never used the 3 wheels. I use the skates to commute in the city and to do long distances combined with poles like cross country, uphill, downhill….I would say to go everywhere. What do you think I got the right decision or I had to stay with a 4×100? o well now it is too late 🙂
Thanks bro

Lee Chang says:

when are you taking us on a trip with these skates of yours?

Daniel Mihalcea says:

I have exactly the same skates, I got them to skate a very long distance (1850km) and I preffered to have ankle support despite being used to pure speed skates. But as I am used to low skates it hurted my instep very bad. I talked to my speed friends and they all have this problem with every high boots. I mounted the frame and wheels on my speed skates a year ago and I like skating with those wheels.

Post Tramatiq says:

I’m a beginner to inline skating but I’ve been researching for weeks now and grew a love distance and speed, I can’t run like i use to, my body is too banged up from years of American Football and a tour in Iraq. I want to train in 2018 for a marathon in 2019. Some of my family and friends think I’m crazy because I’m 46 lol.I want to start off the Swell black lava 125s, and move up to these skates, but i was just wondering, can your wheel setup work on those Swells?

Zshock soda says:

The core system of those wheels are sophisticated. o.O

Cyril L. says:

what about comfort of this boot?

Edward T Crump says:

please film some more with these skates!

MisterBassBoost says:

Great content, Please keep going, one day you make it big

edm1s says:

What’s your average speed on these and on Kaze 125?

Samuel Bassett says:

Keep the Awesome Vlogs Coming ✌ Love Your Channel

Rory Douglas says:

+The Lino Life how do you find the high cuff on these versus a speed boot (or more specifically, a higher cuff speed boot like Powerslide R4)? I have R4s and I’m trying to decide whether to get PS World Cup skates which has similar cuff height to these Grand Prixs. Does the higher cuff help much on longer skates?

LilJoker247 says:

Tasty review my man 😀 New images is great 😉

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