This was my first ever experience with SUV skates.
i was trying the powerslide KAZE SUV skates, and i know a lot of people are curious about this skates i though of sharing my first experience with the people subscribing to my channel.

i have to admit, it feels different, but these skates are supportive enough even for a 150mm wheel frame.

Hope you enjoy this video and subscribe to the channel if you want to see my next videos with this skates.

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Olegasphoto says:

Thank you, very informative and useful. I have regular 125mm wheels. They are crazy fast on asphalt. After your review I don’t wanna take these 150mm tires. I thought about something combined for both grass and city scating but this is not the case.

npgSymboL says:

thank you for the honest review. i am definitely subscribing

Catherine Tuesta says:

omg big wheels ! it would be sooo much fun to try that!

Bernardo Oliveira says:

Kinda disappointed tbh, my expectations were so high when I saw the tires. Maybe like you said, in some downhill it will be able to show its potential. Here to see that

B N says:

Hi here,
Does anyone has an idea where I can buy one-way bearings for those wheels?

Roger Spacebucks says:

Are the Metropolis SUV skates better?

Josep Oriol Sabate says:

Ricardo can you made a video with this skates off roads madeing freeskate please i will see the experience ! great ,

dons perions says:

i dare you to buy the 150mm roadrunner regular plastic wheels and make a video skating the street with those kazes..

jacobrs93 says:

ricardo cuanto cuestan estas guias y ruedas?

Jacson Cunha says:

Quero comprar onde encontro ?

Edward Taylor says:

I have been using the suv metropolis skates for a while and yeah definitely not good for road skating due to the sheer effort involved although maybe good for training. The tyres grip the surface which also contributes to making turning more difficult. They are amazing for grassy hills and dirt tracks, or skating in the rain no slipping at all. The valves sometimes stick out and hit the frame, do these have that problem?

Zachary says:

I have the same off-road skates. I was very disappointed in their performance. Powerslide’s frame mounting is also very medially biased compared to all other skate brands I use, I have the frame mounted as far laterally as possible and my feet still want to collapse to the outside.

Sim0es says:

Nice one Ricardo. Cant wait to see them on hard dirt.
Your channel is growing quite well ^^
Congratulations and keep up the good work

Raymond Bell says: could you review this one please

Hola Soy Clanero says:

Where did you buy them?
– I Would like to have one!

Becoming Unlost says:

Hi.. What would you suggest for speed on rough asphalt with some gravel and dirt.. Also with occasional need to go over a gravel driveway or grass or dirt for a short distance… I mean if you had to pick one pair of skates to do it all without sacrificing too much speed what would you go with?, also you look familiar do you have a board with shark wheels too? If so how’s the speed on rough roads… the ability to coast on a rough road flat surface

Bruno Santa says:

I need those off road skates for the hills in austria

juancs says:

what about the bearings? are they normal bearings? don’t they get dirt inside?

Franco Cerella says:

Keep up the good work sir..

Javier Rosa says:

Inspect the route before, great advise.
I’ve been skating mountain bike trails for some months now and this is the best advise you can get. I think the best option is to start at the end of the downhill and inspect the route walking uphill. This is the only way you can know what’s coming when bombing down the hill. It’s also useful to make marks on the terrain as you walk up, marking soft terrains, the right directo to avoid obstacles or where to brake. I use to inspect routes with poles, so I use this poles also to draw this kind of indications on the path.

Vegas Vanga says:

I can hear my ankles snapping already

Matt Griffo says:


Omar Nadeem says:

Does this come with the pump for its wheels or do you have to buy them separately?

Elizabet Beatriz says:

me encanto el video lastima que no entendi ni una mierda

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