A full and thorough review of the 2017/18 K2 Uptown Inline Skates, from their specifications to their performance and my personal opinion on them. SPECIAL THANKS TO https://www.supersilkscreen.com


Blade In NY says:


Melissa Markowitz says:

Thanks good review. I just bought the 2017. I’m a leisure skater trying to move towards urban and free skating…so you think that the uptown is a good starter over the sodo

Onë Mãn Army says:

Hey do you know a good website where I can buy good cheap skates. Trying to get into inline skating.

Joe Schmo says:

Two words: duct tape. May look like shit, but it protects your skates. Oh, and those one-key bolts are called carriage bolts.

Christine Z says:

Nice Job!

brocmt says:

I was skating on 2016 Midtowns for much of the year (same length frame, same rocker system, but composite plastic, not aluminum like the uptown frame, boot is probably a bit softer as well, very comfy) and totally agree that the naturalish rocker is a bit unstable at high speeds. I actually bounced my head off the sidewalk and kinda messed up my shoulder after a speed wobble on a rough street got the best of me last month. Super fun for messing around, but for commuting, I’m running a toe rocker now – toe up, back three flat low. Still plenty maneuverable, but a bit more high-speed stability.

I’ve since found a used pair of 2016 Unnaturals, and put my midtown frames on them, since I’m not a small-wheel grinder at all. Loving the higher ankle support.

Edward Taylor says:

I have the 2016 uptowns, you’re totally right about the wide fit. Love the frames and the rocker. 6mm axles are a pain in the ass. I manage to do soul tricks on the ‘souls’ but only do them in parks not on rough ledges. You can fit the varsity souls to the skate which I bought recently. I like the versatility of the skates being able to put aggressive frames on them. Thanks for the review of the new ones, had seen a few pics on instagram nice to see em properly!

Richard Miller says:

Great review !!

City Blades says:

Cool review! Few things–
They grind fine, as long as the surface is metal, just takes an old school stance
“Natural rocker” is more complex than 3rd wheel down & won’t give you speed wobble if done correctly
The frames are closer to 250mm IIRC to accommodate for the rockering
The spacers set the axles 1mm off center in whatever direction
Just don’t lace the top 2 (4) spots, that’ll fix your forward flex

Coldy Boy says:

Good thorough review. I researched these skates and bought last years model. The boot is very stiff for a “soft” boot, very responsive, comfortable and fit well. Overall, great support, not unlike a hard boot.But to each their own, I could not get comfortable with the flat, UFS style. I tried for months but wasn’t able to adjust to it. I did like the rockering adjustability but Unfortunately, these now just sit on shelf in garage while my other skates go out and play!

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