inline skating: doop fothon review

a review i did on my doop skates. i got the fothon model a few months back. this is my honest review, no lies, just my honest opinion of what my thoughts are on this pair, maybe a few things to think about if u decide to get sum, hope its helpful and u enjoy watching

i got my doops from

watch the update to this: doop discoveries


GODis MEME says:


faridtjabbah gut says:

cool, can u put seba wheels onto Doops?

James Mackey City Skater says:

Go to this video…. At 4:03 looks like you.

Boon Tryon says:

keep it up I’m doing the same thing so far I’ve lost almost 40pounds check out my channel look up Boon Tryon, you should try rollerblade Twisters 80s, the pro’s or the Twister X which is the newest skate and with the Twister you can change out the frames to any size, I have the Twister 80 and the maximum 84s for my long distance skating and speed, keep your eye on Amazon you can find great deals on these blades even used ones by Amazon show up looking like new if you buy the one that say like new I hope to see you with a pair of twister Rollerblads

faridtjabbah gut says:

i had stupid accident on bike whihc almost fucked my testicle but fourtunately not, so being a skater for 4 yeras, i consider this now for comuting, i will never hit my balls skating, i feel identified with yuor rocky roller apathy!

Theferrell1 says:

I’ve been considering these, but sadly bought a set of Spark 84’s by Rollerblade before these were here in the states. I really want to get a Xsjado powerblade setup. Same concept as Doop with shoe tech, but they look a little more rugged.

Lauris Marchs says:

nice review. thanks from Latvia 🙂

Tim says:

Thanks for the review. You can remove the lever and pad all together. Use the extra screws and the little circular discs and set them up just like the front (ball) part of the sole. I switched them out for different reason: the little rubber thingy between the two rear wheels can shift and catch the wheels – the original setup is dangerous IMO. I wear Pumas with them so the fit are ok. Just today I found the wheels/frames combo bouncy on bumpy surface. It was better when I first used some 85A wheels on them (was saving the LED wheels for later use).

James Mackey City Skater says:

Nice review! Good to hear all the pro’s and conn’s of those skates. I might get me a pair. Love the video! Look forward to more. 🙂

hyperiuSupern0va says:

hey Kloudygirl, i am wondering if you can help me out. I just got the frames that is similar this video, i want to use lighted wheels but i think the parts = spacer and axle dont work. i wonder what are the specific spacer/axle on these doops, maybe if i get them, i can use different coloured lighted wheels. really hope you can help, thanks !!

Live-Torsion-Paradox says:

Mesmerising, nonchalant review style – love it. Don’t change that and yeah, review more stuff!

faridtjabbah gut says:

how long u been skating and wher eu at ?

Aaron Klein says:

I like that you exposed some very possible flaws for some people. I know if I start to inline skate again I probably wouldn’t go for the door skates. All my shoes are high tops :]

Maja Siroki says:

I have 1 Doop skates (with 3 wheels) and I am almost happy with skates, except stripes don’t work at all haha… it is a bit dangerous when your foot get loose in a driving……… I will never buy again skates on this system of closing…… Good rewiew 😀

XHunttheHuntersX says:

Hey, thank you for the video. I’m about to buy a pair of Fothons online from Inline Warehouse and they say the brake isn’t included. May I ask you where you got yours? Their site has some inconsistent info- can I use the HABS? If not, can you please tell me which brake system I should order? Thank you for your advice. I’m new to skating.

Ariane Trek says:

Hi, thanks for the review. I’ve been skating Freestyle 3 version and giving them some beating since March, these skates are very cool. I went back to the lever system this week though and realized that it doesn’t feel uncomfortable like before. Reason is size setting, keep playing till you get the proper size adjustment and you won’t even feel the levers. Cool thing also is buckles everywhere, stronger than leather straps. I recommend!

Bruno Otero says:

Hi there! I just got a pair for myself (swift) but they are really uncomfortable. I’m considering on buying other shoes with more support to improve the ride (ones like yours). But honestly, you get a smooth comfty ride free of pain with those? dont you get like not so much lateral support? (I feel like the skate tend to bend to the outside). I’m freaking out as it is not comfty at all with my actual shoes D:
Thanks for any comment. greetings!

vicious274 says:

Great review Claudia!

JP Bautista says:

how do you change the lights though? does it only come in light blue?

JansenM says:

Hi there, is it possible to mount the small brake to the back of the like with other doop skates? I’m not seeing an additional hole at the back of the frame where others have another hole just in front of the back wheel so you can fasten a brake to either skate.

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