Inline Skates Guide | Buying fitness skates |

Thinking about buying new skates? We guide you through the most important things you need to consider when buying your first pair of recreational or fitness inline skates for both women, men and kids.

A beginner’s buying guide taking a quick look at the following topics:
– Intro
– Wheels
– Bearings
– Soft-boot vs. hard boot
– Brake
– Size/fit

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Patro Chism says:

Cuz I’ve been trying to find me some Robles a long time at Walmart store download Walmart still sells rollerblade how can I find me some rollerblades at Walmart or Target stores I need to know how to find something for a good price it’s a real comfortable I need to find me a 10 and a hand roll break.

Patro Chism says:

What is your website email me your website cuz I’m going to send you my email what can you go to get those rollerblade email you my email an email me your email to.

SkatePro E-mail says:

Wheels: 00:25
Bearings: 00:57
Size: 01:20
Soft or hard boots: 01:49

Patro Chism says:

I want to find my sexy stuff no I want to know do Walmart have rollerblades for a good price or Target store what can you find some rollerblades at.

lizzie McDonald says:

i have older skates that have 62 mm wheels what is this size good for and how do i know what size it can take up to

Patro Chism says:

Elizabeth Stone suicide May 1996 when I was about I was like 14 by * 15 years old how long you been skating.

mad rat says:

hi, do you ship in UAE? im a beginner and wanted a good quality skates.. i like the black on your video.

Rona Lino says:

I really want to play with it but I can’t afford any skates 🙁

Alienadin says:

Thank you for this informative video.

Patro Chism says:

What’s the name of the rotor blade do they fit real good on your foot cuz my foot is a 10 and a half and do they ride good they real comfortable and affordable can you find them at Walmart or Target.

Patro Chism says:

So you can change the wheels on them.

ali joumaa says:

Can you help me what wheel and skate to chose if i need it for fitness on the road

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