Inline Skate Wheels For The City #1 Gyro F2R 85A

Inline skate wheel review of a new wheel choice for the streets. City skater Bill Stoppard is on the hunt for a better wheel. Is the Gyro F2R 85 A’s from Pro Skater Place the best inline wheel for the street? Is it durable enough for the Stoppard Test?

The the best inline wheels and customer service got to the inline specialists that understand your needs and have the best variety of inline skates and wheels. Gyro F2R 85A is from Pro Skaters Place.


Mug Costanza says:

If your frames could facilitate larger wheels would you use them or do you think ~80mm is a perfect size for urban skating?

ZOMBIE K says:

are those just street wheels? r can they go on a skating rink floor as well?

fenekilll says:

Yure a beast

Muhd Asyraf says:

is rubber tires speed or plastic tires?

Ioan-Radu Tanasescu says:

I’m trying to decide what wheels to get, my skates came with 80mm 80a K2 wheels, I barely bought the skates a month ago and already I’m getting close to the plastic inside the wheels (I rotated the wheels positions, and also flipped them a few times).

I would like to get wheels that wear out less quickly, but 83a wheels cost almost double than the 80a ones (at least in my local store), will an 83a wheel last twice as long as a 80a wheel? Or is the resistance to wear more of an aspect of quality than durability?

Benjamin Dahlstrom says:

What is the difference between the F2R and the FSK? I ordered the F2R but got the FSK, and it seems that they are the wheels you ended up riding in the video also. So, are these just interchangeable terms for the same wheel?

scott kurek says:

hey pinto pony I always watch your videos and I have a question can u make a video where you tighten or replace roller hockey skate chassis bc mine are broke in 2 literally

Amir Ali says:

Bill I reccomend you to test the Hyper G Concretes. 😀

Pyungte Kim says:

What advantage do you have having two 76mm wheels on the front and two 80mm wheels on the back? 

Brian Rahardi says:

every (new) wheel is awesome.

Inteligencia Perfecta says:

I like everything and I to buy somethings. But I want the camera online. To buy.

Patrick Grant says:

just ordered a set of these in white, along with a set of gyro sonya — thanks bill for the review

Veno X says:

Don’t you just love the look of new wheels Bill?

william selden says:

These are my favourite wheels too, having used Hyper Concretes in the past.

Mona Zoabi says:

Which material are these wheels made of?

TheImmovableMovers says:

nice review 🙂

هاشم فياض says:

when you ruin your wheels and you search the internet for new ones but you forgot that you have no money lol

mouscarambo says:

Nice review, i will like to know what kind of skate are better for your type of skating, urban or hockey skate. Thanks, keep up the good work !

chiseller says:

I love your videos.. I am not even exaggerating. It’s what keeps me motivated to become better and better instead of being content with the present.
Just ordered a new set wheels after burning through the default K2 80 A wheels and coincidentally the Gyro 85 A’s were the only available 80mm wheels.
They better be good!

Stevan Radulovic says:

Hey Bill, do you have any complaints regarding the stability on this  76-80-80-76 rocker setup? How is high speed and slide control. Thanks in advance! Cheers 

Big Fat Tony's says:

I’m a fitness skater, 9 miles per day on asphalt that varies about equally smooth & rough and just a couple 100 yards of very smooth and very rough. I get moderate asymmetry at 120 miles. I’m rolling on 84mm 84a. Is this good wear performance ?

GUNDAM says:

with your experience, what do you think of the Hyper concrete +grip 84A wheels? 

RockCh4lk says:

Are these still your go to wheels? If so, how do they roll on sealed cement/concrete? If not, what have you moved to?

Christopher Lewis says:

btw wow you are great.

MrINViSiBLExX says:

Would these wheels be good for playing street hockey?

DrPurplePanda says:

I have a new set of skates they came with hard plastic tires that are very slippy. My question is; when just skating for fun on Tarmac and roads do I need rubber tires or are they meant to be like this?

Christopher Lewis says:

hey i need help i am living in the caribbean so i would have to order a skates from amazon could you recommend one for me, i had the Bladerunner Formula 82 Inline Skates 2015. Is this one good

Kelly Walsh says:

I’m new to buying wheels and I wanted to know if these wheels will work for my 80mm wheel recreational/fitness blades. The roads where I live are smooth and bumpy depending where I go. Will these work for me?

anonymus says:

2:58 ah yeah

Sek LP says:

are this wheels god?:)my english is not so good i dont understand a lot:/can you answer please:)thanks:)

Survi says:

Awesome videos, Bill. I’ve been inline skating for over 15 years and even though I was more of a agressive skater in the past, now all I like to do is, well, pretty much what you do in your videos. So,I’m wondering what bearings you used with these wheels. Also, in regards to the 76mm (front)/80mm (back) wheel setup… will it give me a considerable advantage in terms of agility or will 80mm wheels in all of the 8 slots suffice for this style of skating?

abdalo barbosa says:

very good

Daniel Schlegel says:

How hard are the wheeks again?

wyatt coffman says:

I used 85mm for a while in street skating now I used agressive skates it was a big change but my 85mm wheels would crack and rip/tear. I now stay with aggressive Rollerblades I could never find a wheel to hold up.

Vladimir Longrod says:

I use 89a asphalt wheels? which one is better for very urban areas? Like a lot of asphalt and cracks and bad roads.

Maurice Cateriano Houghton says:

why the 76 /80 mm set up? 🙂

RygartARTB says:

Why do you wear out your wheels like that? Dragging them along the floor to slow down is horrendous

Curious Wars says:

I recently started skating again after like 10 years to lose weight (I’ve gotten quite overweight!). My first day out I COMPLETELY destroyed a set of wheels after only an hour on the smooth walking path! There was a single small hill that I tstopped on for a short time and it grinded flat a big chunk of my wheels so much that it wouldn’t turn properly lol. Is this common for 88a wheels or did I just have garbage wheels? They are aggressive style and 56mm.

I just replaced them with these sets (to test around whats best)

(a hockey set)

Anyway, let me know if you have any advise!

LxTxSURGE says:

hey man i got tron skates they suck, would upgrading wheels be any good? i want to roll the city like u but i loose balance kus the skates suck ,should i just buy a better set ?

Jelmer Jetten says:

Those wheels last so much longer than standard seba stock wheels. At least that’s my experience. Great overall wheel 🙂

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