Inline skate Glowing wheel edit/review

This is my review of an off brand light up inline skate wheel similar to the Powerslide Fothon wheels.

The wheels:


Fabien Caron says:

Jolie roue ! ♥



Rest And Peace [AzRap] says:

Man you made my day thank you, i will try to get one but there’s a question did you put in “1” before you purchase? cuz i dont know if that “Piece” is a 1 piece or a full package [8x wheels] Hope you answer this one. Thanks

i-surf808 says:

Link please, love the music.

Tertrics official says:

how can I get one

Jude Nelson says:

la classssssss

Skylar Frye says:

Getting a real Lucio vibe from these wheels.

Ramzy Junaidi cah ganteng says:


Jonathan Vladimir Mejia says:

How long did they last compared to the Powerslide Fothon wheels?

JonJonTheReLic says:

How do these work with spacers? I’ve noticed that the axels for my skate go through some spacers and thus help keep the bearing in place however with this wheels, the big middle part of the spacer does not go through the magnet to hold it in place. So, as a result, the axel doesnt fit the entire space in the bearing and the wheel can move around a bit because of it.


Those amazing bearings tho

burning wheelz says:

you brighten my day, pun intended, nice one

V. Azul says:

did you order these from ? Aggressivemall? Inlinewarehouse? amazon?
please let us know. also I love your hollow skates man. I’m getting a pair of those next.

Mike Escobosa says:

are those Xjados?

rikiroller gamer says:

On that page I get 30 $ the wheels but I do not know if it is 30 $ for each wheel or 4 wheels for 30 $

InfinitySarawak Slider says:

my wheel is CityMonke, is green too

Felipe De jesus Garcia Mendez says:

en dónde venden esos

troncat says:

went ahead and bought these just now. hope I actually get them. the shop you linked said it was closing at the start of the new year

Sp3qtrum says:

so how about that link that’s NOT in the description?

Ray Smith says:

Just think about the cameraman

RibbityHop says:

dat lucio cosplay doh

Jason Bailey says:

are the wheels rubber? or plastic bro?

まる父さん says:

nice video !!
How much is this wheel?

strictlyforcomments says:

How do you like those skates? I’ve been thinking of buying some Doop Classic II’s. Are they holding up nicely?

Captain Tubz says:

Would they work well on a synthetic ice rink?

Benni says:

Using led wheels for aggressive skating isn’t smart I guess? Or can the lights stand the impact?

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