Hypno Inline Skates STS Black Review

Very cool skates!


Scot Rosenthal says:

Ive had these for over a year now… take this into mind… The idea they have of removing the wheels is very cool and practical. But after having these for a year im starting to feel how much they hurt on my feet. The boot is not that comfortable, and is very stiff in a bad way. the bottom of the boot is hard plastic so it feels very awkward when you walk in them. any questions?

Scot Rosenthal says:

I bought them online

Charles Glassou says:

i do have them but , the plastic behind is broken. so i wanna buy the part.
thanks for answering me.

Starlord says:

hehe, but i was thinking Really fast x-D like 50kmph+ or something they can handle that? gonna use a motor on a stick lol

Scot Rosenthal says:

@hitchxhiker Im a competitive hockey player and I’ve tried on many pairs of boots through out my life.The new boot it very light but unfortunately the chassis is heavy and long. Thus making the turns wider then a roller hockey boot.Right now I’m boarding in Lake Placid, NY for hockey and I love these to roll in and out of town back and forth from the olympic center.They have a lot of support but they are “boxy”.I wouldn’t recommend walking long amounts in theses boots because the high support

puertoriqueno24 says:

hey i have both pairs of hypno skates and they’re not good for running

Rol says:

where is the store?

Scot Rosenthal says:

The boot does soften up but no i would for sure not run in them! They are still too stiff for that

Charles Glassou says:

were did you buy this ? pls tell me

sassa89 says:

where did you order these from? i have been looking all over for a pair 🙁

Scot Rosenthal says:

@attackthenet any more questions?

Scot Rosenthal says:

hmm.. i wouldn’t use these for intense speed. I for sure wouldn’t feel safe on them haha

kuroibuta says:

Who are doing detachable skates now? I checked out this company but they seem to be dead now?

nanoray yonex says:

i would like to know what size of those skate boot fits me, my regular size for boot is 9 in USA.

Scot Rosenthal says:

I am a size 11 and I got a size 45. they run on European sizes. Make sure you get the right size because it is very hard to get in touch with the company for exchange. I would go online and find a US sizing chart to a European one. And I love these skates btw! They are awesome and they are on my feet every week end!

Tom Winberry says:

Have you tried running in the boot? How flexible are they when you take the skate deck off? I’m interested in getting a pair, but I’d like to know how they work as shoes. If I got a pair of these I’d need to be able to run without the blade deck at times.

csaba kelemen says:

I’ve got the same skate,very comfortoble for fitness skating!!!

Scot Rosenthal says:

They are not good for running but walking is perfectly fine

Starlord says:

anyone know what speed these are designes to go at? before they break i meen.. 😛

Nicholas Fomin says:

Where did you bought the skates? Size 45? All I have found is size 43.

Shoot To Ill says:

Wow this video is cringy to watch. Me from 5 years ago oh god.

Chavezoid says:

I want to skate when I travel but I don’t want to carry my inlines because they occupy too much space in my backpack and I always need to carry a pair of shoes with me wherever I go, so I’m between these and some Skorpion Quadlines. I guess it all depends on the shoe quality of the Hypnos. Any opinions that can help me decide???

Best Laughs NA says:

is 160US$ worth?

hitchxhiker says:

Hi I bought an old pair a few years ago second hand for $50AUS. I was thinking of upgrading them because they are very fun and practicle, I am female so mine are quite bulky and very heavy. Are the new models very heavy when skating? or walking around. how would you compare them to say regular boots and skates?

Ronda renee says:

Thanks for this. I had such a hard time finding a review. This was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks

Eric Kearns says:

hey how much did you end up paying for these in U.S. currency? 

HaydenPK says:

If anyone know where I can get some of the ice blades that they used to sell for these, in size medium, then please, tell me. I’d pay a lot to have some even if they were all scuffed.

Scot Rosenthal says:

@S1bban they are for sure very cool

puertoriqueno24 says:

aw man I knew I should have done a review a long time ago lol
beware they are two websites for two hypno skates
.hypnoskates.commmm and .hypnoskate.commm
one with the S and one without the S

I have both models that they make..the one above is from ITALY and the silver one is from CANADA/USA

I think one of the company is shutting down

Sebastian Olin says:

Awesome! Thanks alot for this video ive been sitting and staring at a pair of those skates for several days now and thinking if i should buy them or not. Now i know i wont be dissappointed if i but a pair.

nanoray yonex says:

cool, i know the skates are awesome just by looking at them and the reviews!! by doing the math, i am about size 9 -> 37 right? i will work in the summer, earn money and buy the skates!! xD

Scot Rosenthal says:


Charles Glassou says:

Thanks for the advice.
I appreciate

Scot Rosenthal says:

hahaha I’m pretty sure they go somewhat fast. And i don’t think they are gonna break… trust me ha

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