How to Size & Fit a Skate

In this Inline Warehouse Learning Center we go over the basics of how to size and what type of fit to expect with your inline skates.

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Karan Sahu says:

If my shoe number is 10 then which number of roller skate should I take?

Amir Ali says:

I just came from another video that says that choosing an inline skates fitting via the same shoe size of regular footwear. 🙁 Which one is which?

NAT the GAT X says:

Bitch yes

Gabe Kevill says:

I’ve just bought some k2 skates I’m a size 7 show so I bought a size 7 inline roller blade. My big toe touches the end slightly should I get a 7.5 instead?

Rizza Abadinas says:

Anyone else think that he looks kinda like Shane Dawson?
…No? Just me…

Browny Tayy says:

cool one

Jonatan OTW says:

I’ve been thinking about how to actually lace the skate, especially when using a hardboot. To me it seems that the hard plastic shell is way too hard to be bent by the laces, so the only practical use for them I can imagine is if I lace them all the way up to where the laces joins with the liner. I don’t know, how do people usually do? All demos I’ve seen of lacing is with softboot skates.

Kerri Miller says:

Please consider making a donation to help build the sport of inline hockey! More information can be found in the link below.

Asura says:

Anyone know any mens size 14 freestyle inline skates

Xoreign says:

What if I’m wide?

BaconNinja31 says:

the skates i have fit. but i cant skate more than a few minutes without pain in the arches of my feet. any suggestions?

TTT says:

what model skates are these at 01:27 ?

Carlos Andres Flores says:

i would like to get ones. im size 10 1/2 and all of the brand shoes. which one should i take?

Commander Shepard says:

u guys sell to canada too or just the states?

Emilio Cortez says:

What exact model were those “Rollerblade” rollerblades you had on during the fitting?

Arsyan Thirafi says:

gonna get some booty

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