How to Rocker Your Hockey Skates

The most common approaches to rockering your inline hockey skates and the reasoning.


mark e says:

thank you for the information! im going to try your set up.

Harry Jackson says:

Can you run a HI LO rocker set up like 72,76,76,80 on a one sized chassis set up like 80,80,80,80???

Timothy Johnson says:

what are the exact size and durometer of the wheels you had on in this vid. I am a hockey player and want to start inline skating, so I want a wheel that will provide great play mostly in the streets and sometimes in a rink, so what would be your recommendation for my situation.

Andrew Menture says:

What’s the exact wheel dimensions for his skates? I want this configuration instead of the high low

Raco Taco says:

This guy doesn’t know what he I doing why is the bigger wheel in the middle it should be in the back so you are at a aggressive Stance you will fall if u do this don’t do it

Critten Maddox says:

Just get Marsblades they make easier to transition and you can still have all your wheels on the rink

John Bianchi says:

I wanna do hockey stops. What’s the best hardness? 85A, 86A, 87A?? Thanks!

Frankie Goff says:

Hey is it a bad thing that my back wheel is 72 then 72 then 68 68

Ben shippell says:

What are the green wheels?

Artem Fedurin says:

Красивая фенька! 😀 

Tyler Dunlea says:

has anyone tried a 72/80/80/72 setup? it seems like it might be too drastic. also, is there anything technically wrong with doing a rocker or hilo setup on a flat frame? my old tour hockey skates came setup for all 80 mm wheels. i feel like as long as they’re not bigger than all 80 it shouldn’t be a problem right?

Tyler Hodge says:

a rocker set up is a 76,80,76,72

davy_brx says:

I have on my skates 76, 80, 80, 76

mtb for Life17 says:

i do it where the two middle ones touch the ground and the two on the ends dont. 57/59/59/57

The Urbanite says:

if a frame is pre rocker (76-80-80-76) banana, and i use 80-76-76-80 on those frames will they preform the same as a flat set up?

Kevin says:

Great vid! Thank you

Christopher Kroeger says:

Hi, can ypu recommend me a setup for begginers or a setup that give me great stability? currrently I have 2x80mm and 2x76mm wheels, thank you 😉

Xeaxos says:

Why would you do that setup :p

Alfie Bailey says:

Hi mate, great video and explanation! What are those green wheels that are on your skates? Are they labeda ?

Adam Craven says:

Great video.. I’ve been looking for more turning power out of my skates. What do you think of 68-76-80-76? That’s what I have on hand .

wrektum says:

I remember when my Bauer H8 skates had a little cam in the inner wheels that the skater would flip to the low position to rocker the wheels. Just buying different size wheels gives the rider endless possibilities. Great video

SCOEN says:

What about a setup of 76-80-80-76 to kind of mimic a skate blade?

Da Choppah says:

You are probably a great skater. You probably would be in any configuration on the chassis. Years of skating will overcome many deficits.  But there is no way on earth you could chase me flying around the net with only 2 wheels touching the surface. You would wipe out into the board while I stick to the surface like fly paper at near top speed with my  { 76 76 76 76 } set up.  Lowest frame to the boot, shortest wheelbase, 76mm across the chassis. Best set up for all around  performance. Some of the new Tour frames with 80’s  may keep up with 76’s because the boots are now contoured  at the bottom allowing the 80’s a real low profile.  Like I said- you’re probably a very good skater but that rocker is just plain nuts for anyone over 120 pounds.  The dynamics involved using 80mm and 72mm  wheels on the same frame are astounding. Especially on turns.   You can not defy physics no matter how proficient you’ve become compensating with that set up.  You lose grip on tight turns, period. No way around it.

Jasmine says:

So what wheel sizes would you recommend for artistic figure skating rockers?
Thanks for the info. I’m all new at this, and was thinking about tweaking my skates.

Da Choppah says:

We need better Instruction out there for kids just starting out. I am stunned to see all these Videos of kids playing roller hockey- all using “Righty” sticks.   The proper way to play hockey when starting out is STRONG HAND ON TOP.  You strong hand- should be up top where you made your grip. Your strong hand does all the work.  If you use the correct stick { Right handed people should be using a “lefty hook” stick}  you will be shooting off your strong leg. Not to mention a host of other advantages playing with the correct stick. Certainly people overcome playing with the incorrect stick. But they work so much harder to perform all the maneuvers required in hockey.  And frankly- playing with the incorrect stick- no matter how good you get, you never reach your utmost full potential.  Watch an NHL Game.  Ever wonder why damn near everyone shoots lefty ?

brian takumi says:


Pedro de Lulu says:

Soerry but that is a bad idea, all wheels should touche de flour!

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