How to choose the best speed skates | Buyer’s Guide |

With the right pair of speed skates you can improve your performance significantly. But how to get the best speed skates for your needs? Watch this buyer’s guide to know what to look for when buying your first inline speed skates.

A beginner’s guide with a quick overview of the following topics.
Wheels: 00:26
Bearings: 01:05
Boots: 01:33
Size: 02:10
Frame: 02:29
Skate Protection: 02:57
Semi Speed Skates

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Manda S says:

What are the best brands now for boots, rails and wheel? I’m old school. I have a bont hustler and m o g e m a rail from the late 90s. Is there a video where you discuss packages or brands?

sunom halder says:

how mach?

pritam singh says:


umesh umashankar dobhal says:

How mach Paris speed skate .

vali grad says:

yo ! add more countries to the shipping list and I’ll give you my money ….

Eduardo Gutierrez says:


Tommy F. Helmersen says:

Wheels: 00:26
Bearings: 01:05
Boots: 01:33
Size: 02:10
Frame: 02:29
Saftey: 02:57

Vandana Pardeshi says:

I have game changer and blackmagic wheels aldready

Never Give Up -NAllavAN says:

Subscribed love from India!

Namrata Sharma says:

Can u give a website for buying skates?


Inline skates price please repaly me

Walala Land says:

Thinking about cross training on speed skating during off season for road cycling. Both really use similar muscle groups depends on how one train.

Nitin Sharma says:

its nice my friend

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