How to choose the best aggressive inline skates | Buyer’s Guide |

What should you know before you buy your first pair of aggressive inline skates? Watch this guide to get a good overview of the most important things that will ensure you the best trick skates so you can make your favorite stunts.

A beginner’s buying guide taking a quick look at the following topics.

00:24: Wheels
01:09: Bearings
01:46: Frame
03:03: Boots/Shell
03:44: Liner
04:05: Size
04:40: Skate Protection

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Dre1ofakind says:

valo v13 or roces m12 differences performance wise? if any

Joeri Holtman Jtrixx says:


Stefan Douwes says:

I just ordered my root air weels thx skatepro

TheLooneySp00ns says:

That Mads guy is sooper handsoome! :O

Andy van Doorn says:

Thanks for that info!

Michael Yeung says:

Thanks a lot guys! you guys are so calm and funny! subscribed and can’t wait to watch a lot more great videos from u!!
oh actually, can’t u make one to talk more indepth about wheels pls? as my wheels are wearing down, i’m thinking to replace, but don’t know how to choose, thanks a lot in advanced!!

Lisa X says:

Great Advice guys- but I wanted to learn about what brands are best with great glide on rough roads etc

Joel Tang says:

Lol that boot looks like an AJ 11

gowri kolal says:

So I freestlye skate(along with a few artistic skating tricks here and there cuz I love dancing) and I really want to start aggressive skating. But the the nearest skatepark is 2 hours away from my house and skating is pretty new in my country so I’m gonna have to buy the skates online and have it shipped. What’s a good model that’s relatively cheap and long lasting(cuz having to buy new wheels or parts every few months from an other country is pretty darn expensive) that’ll allow me to do both freestlye(+artistic) and aggressive skating??? Or am I asking for too much?

DubiousIndiana8 says:

You guys have noooooo idea how the abec scale works

KatwijkGamer says:

Nice info

Polo Rico says:

Ok good info but this has nothing to do whit the skate ‘s only frame what makes the usd carbons different then the razors or valos but good video

Kujo Kun says:

Nice vid guys.

Polo Rico says:

Buy the way to b up front I don’t want u to think that I was trying to play ya be safe An enjoy blading

Mak Rae says:

What is the best complete pair of aggressive skates for a beginner? ($150 or under)

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