How to BUY INLINE SKATES – Beginner’s Guide #1

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Playlist – Beginner’s Guide to Inline Skating

How to choose inline skates – for beginners

From these four skates, in my opinion, there’s only one that’s not suitable for beginners.

Look at the orange one. It has a really long frame. That’s good for speed but requires skill to control. Therefore I do not recommend this one.

The one with green laces has the smallest wheels and the shortest frame. That’s really good for beginners … advanced skaters too for that matter … but keep in mind a few things.

It’s got a hard boot and stiff frame, and that’s great for technical stuff .. but maybe a bit overkill for a beginner?

And the hard boot increases the chance of blisters, sweaty feet … you know .. those kind of things … so it’s not necessarily the best choice.

The yellow skate with three wheels, also called triskate, is fine. However they usually come with either 100mm wheels, 110mm or 125. I recommend 100mm as that puts you

lower to the ground and is easier to control.

The gray skate has 84mm wheels and that’s also a good choice, perhaps even better.

Now I wouldn’t obsess too much about these differences. 80mm, 84 or triskates with 100mm – all are just fine.

You may even buy hockey skates or freestyle skates with rockered wheels. …don’t worry, it’s okay…

What really IS IMPORTANT though … is the fit.

Lots of people buy skates that don’t fit their feet very well and they end up with blisters and pain.

So if anything … just choose the skate that fits your foot the best.

Before buying a pair of skates, just go the local shop, try on several skates, take your time and pick the ones that fits just perfect.

I prefer using socks that are not too thin and not too thick. Just normal socks.

Put on the skate. Make sure the heel is all the way back. Tie the laces. And buckle up.

Your toes shall not push hard against the front of the skates, nor shall there be much free space in front.

You know … it’s like trying on shoes.

But just as important. Make sure there are no pressure points. And especially no point where the skate will rub against your foot.

If this happens you may have to throw away your skates pretty soon .. so please … make sure you pick the best fit for your foot.


Good news! Cheap skates may be good enough for you.

Expensive skates may actually roll so fast that a beginner cannot control speed.

What I mean is, when you first learn to skate you’ll soon be able to accelerate to high speeds. But controlling those speeds is not easy.

Therefore cheap skates will actually be safer because they are slower.

And don’t worry; even with the cheapest skates you’ll anyway be faster than if you were wearing shoes.

On the other hand, cheap skates are not very durable. So if you expect to skate a lot, maybe better invest in a bit more expensive skates that will last longer.

And also on cheap skates the frames and boots are softer, which reduces power transfer etc

As a beginner you may not notice that but soon you’ll reach a level where you’d benefit from higher quality.

So… to summarize … yes, you can buy cheap skates … no problem … but if you can afford it, consider going a bit up in price.

Then your skates will last longer and they’ll be fine even for more advanced stuff – which I’m sure you’ll soon be able to do.


Tadeu Felipe Camargo Rodrigues says:

whats the name of the orange one?

Naomi Burachek says:

Where do you buy skates

smol snek says:

I started with usd vii’s

Isack Kyando says:

im in tanzania how i can get it?

Aaron Huggins says:

Hello, I’ve just got into skating and have some £45 skates. But In my local area the ground doesn’t seem to be the best, I only have a small area with a nice ground. I’ve been looking at the skates with 3 wheels that are bigger and (I think) better for pavements with a few more cracks etc. Do you think this a good idea when I’m ready to upgrade? I’d like to be able to travel further, see mor, find some nice circuits

Manuel Morillo says:

Wanting to get into skating but not sure what to buy. I was looking at the seba fr lineup and doop skates. Would getting a pair of new fR1’s be too much as a beginner?

Daniel says:

i bought 30€ skates 2 years back form lidl to learn. im really suprised at the quality now that i know a lil better, it’s got and alu frame and came with abec-7.

Marie DT says:

i have really good skates quality wise but… theyre 3 sizes too big is there anything i can do about it because i have no money to buy new ones

leorodesp says:

I’m thinking about buying the Powerslide S4. Does anyone have any experience with that one?

Muhaimin Azlan says:

My inline skates fit me perfectly. I ice skated in it with ice blades for 6-7 hours and my feet are perfectly fine. No blisters or soreness whatsoever. My skates arent even that expensive (180 myr). But i would still like to buy a triskate someday

Nice_Meme 22 says:

What are the Orange one’s name?

CallMeWaffle Waffle says:

From your experience is it better to have the rollerblade stopper on the rollerblades?

Dmitriy Khavich says:

hi, i really love your videos. You are such a terrific skater. Thank you so much for always giving so much useful feedback and advice to all of us. I have a question please. So I am currently in the market for new inline skates. I’d like something in the urban/freestyle category which would allow me good maneuverability and speed. The one thing is that my forefoot is on the wider side. So skates that taper would probably hurt. I was looking at Seba, Powerslide, and Rollerblade. From rollerblade, the twister x 2017 model look pretty nice. from powerslide, the kaze and ultron looked good. seba tho has sooo many different models it is hard to choose. Maybe the seba high light. What do you think about all those models? Also it sucks that there are no stores in the NYC area that carry any of these. So i can’t really try any on. I have to basically just order and return, order and return over the internet. thanks again!

Dylan Webber says:

“Just normal socks”
Those are the most abnormal socks I’ve ever seen. Are they good for skating?

Nice_Meme 22 says:

Also what are the prices

do not REPEAT says:

As always, excellent video!

Amit Kumar says:

Can u to me ur skates plzz i need

Enrica Garroni says:

Haha I love the demonstration pictures! =))

JohnnyLatenight says:

1:44 hahaha

Cons29 says:

I’m just about to pull the trigger for a twister 80. Just doing a bit more research, what can you say about that one (in case you are familiar with this model).
I’m getting the older version since it’s about $100 cheaper

Ganked by 4hmed says:

What would you recommend to me? I am an experienced skater, and I wanna have fast skates. But in my country the roads are bad so something that can go fast through those terrains. Also I skate every day so put that in mind

L3Xo says:

what do you think about Bauer inline Hockey Skates?
Good or bad?

Alexche Smithy says:

Damn how many skates u got? Just bought a pair Rollerblades Macroblade 80mm

Reflex says:

Damn I just bought my skates yesterday. Seba FR2 80 🙂

Sighs Internally says:

anyone have advice on buying ones in size 15 with a wide toe box?

Ariana Foster says:

your videos are so helpful for beginner skaters. many youtube channels don’t explain how or why certain things are done, but you make learning to skate very simple and fun! keep up the good work.

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