How to avoid foot pain while skating – inline skate tips

Practical advice on how to avoid foot pain from inline skating a.k.a. rollerblading. In short, don’t be lazy, open the boot tongue all the way to avoid ‘jamming’ your arch.


SorrowfulM // MapleStory Veteran says:

Oh so it wasn’t just me? I stopped rollerblading years ago because of that darn pain exactly as you described… I use to force my foot into my skate 🙁

Ekkie says:

Oh my god, I’ve been having that problem for years, and not just for inline skating, but also for skiing, ice skating… and so on! Thank you so much!

abby andersen says:

I’m a skating carhop for Sonic, and wearing skated for 7-8 hours really hurts my feet. I dont know what to do. if tried your tips on the laces

Axfried says:

Just got my first set of blades in years – and they hurt so much! Just tried your tip and the difference is noticeable immediately. Thank you!

spankyiskool420 says:

im in las vegas.i need to know where to buy good big box brand lasted 3 days

Takashi Kawasaki says:

Thanks DangerMan! it was the tip that I was looking for…. My right foot is killing right in the position that you said. I will try this tonight! Cheers!

Seth Deneroff says:

When I do this it feels like there just aren’t enough laces to properly tie all the way up the skate. Any tips? Am I doing something wrong? I have Bauer Vapor x500R skates

brian takumi says:

nice tip, thanks bro (Y)

Leonam Domingues says:

I have this same problem, but i could not understood how to fix , because my english is bad, someone can translate in portuguese for me please ?!

hani bandah says:

Very helpful thank you

Tiffany Adair says:

after 20+ years I’m trying to get back into inline speed skating. things have changed a lot since my time! I had a Bont boot and 5 wheel frame with 76mm wheels. I’m short 5’2 but gained much more weight as an adult. my feet never really grew bigger so I tried using them again…I was crazy to do so. cuz after 10 min my feet wanted to murder me. since then I got several new boots: steve Miller, and Bont z4. I’m still in pain. btw I’m flatfooted. any recommendations besides stop the extra weight which I’m doing?

Michael B's World says:

Thanks for the tip on lacing up my skates, that’s the exact problem I was having when I first tried rollerblading 20 years ago. My calves and feet would be screaming after 5 minutes and I would have to stop plus I just couldn’t get the hang of it.  Fast forward 20 years and I wanna try again, but this time I just came across those CARDIFF SKATES with the 3 back wheels.  Have you ever tried them and will it be easier for me to keep my balance ?  Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Sarah MacDuff says:

I am a classic roller skater and I could never figure out why my right foot hurt so badly. I am trying this tomorrow. Thank you so much for the tip!!!

Christina Matveyeva says:

I have the kind where you pull the strap to tighten them and the side of my feet hurt, what do I do??

rebiceman100584 says:

thanks heaps for the tip i have been having this problem for a while , and unable to figure out what the source of the issue

Alexindeed says:

I have never skated before. Just bought Seba FR1. They are very comfortable, but I feel underneath my foot is getting tired, not pain. Probably because im not used to standing on skates? will this pass ? Just by standing on the skates this happens.

LexyLeah Athletic Apparel, Yoga and Dance Wear says:

i was really struggling on skating and now i’m much better at it thanks! 😉

MxryCiphxr says:


Vitel Gandara says:

awesome, thanks for the tip. hopefully it works. usually after 2 minutes im ready to quit because it hurts so bad

anthony coleman says:

So how did you make those I want to luigino skates like your make a video how to build luigino speed skates ok you rock bro

Hollie Black says:

Hey I just wanna say that I listened to your advice and my feet ain’t hurting thank you very much

Anela Lynn says:

I think the cheap ones I bought I discovered were actually children’s skates and all the buckles never could adjust right and the other pair I bought (Roces Flos) in my shoe size 8 and barely could get my foot in so told me to go to a 9. Any tips on good socks to wear. Tall socks tend to be binding on me and think it could help and someone else told me good insoles to help with sizing as well. Thanks so much for your help! Will have to check your other videos out

No Reaction says:

thanks youre a lifesaver

YourTimeIsUpNow says:

I’m looking to get back to skating…i used to stake when i was 7 and had the old type of stake (2 n 2 ) stake, with 2 wheel in from and 2 in back. I never had 4 wheel in line stake . Can some one with experience tell which skate should i buy now, whats good in the market for road skating. I know how to skate with inline but never owned one. if you could tell what should be looking for then buy one. I don’t want to get something right now and regret it later .

Epifan Sosnickyy says:

Thank you for the advice. I had been making the mistake of keeping my laces as tight as humanly possible.
Inline skates are a remedy to me in order to keep being fit with my knee joints being too weak to jog for a long time. Too bad the weather in my hometown is shit and the police treat skaters as scum(

Not Being Used Anymore says:

I havr Rollerbalde’s Performance ABT Bladerunner Inlines and they keep rubbing and hurting my feet what should i do

Stephen Abbott says:

I keep buying Bont’s which is the only company to use a three point connection. I think a three point frame is the safest in case a connection bolt should come loose. Also it allows your weight to more evenly distribute itself over the frame. I find the three point frame a lot more comfortable because of this. I agree about keeping the laces loose. I log a hundred miles a week on my skates as that’s how I commute to work, rain or shine. I never have pain unless the boot is brand new. It takes about two weeks to break them in.

faustino flores-pumarejo says:


Queen Queenly says:

Where did you buy the speed skates?

juannaxo says:

Wow this makes all the difference in the world!! Thank you so much :)!!!!

Stephanie Reitsma says:

Its usually my ankle that hurts.

Trung Nguyen says:

This is the best advice ever!!! Thank you so much!

Vance Hockaday says:

So you’re telling me not to get the Rollerblade brand?

Arian Avant says:

Excellent tips!

James Mitchell says:

I always get a blister in the same spot on my right foot everytime I go skating. They’re mid cuff skates that have straps, not laces. What do I do?

Mit Cherny says:

I have a nice five-letter word to solve the foot pain problem when skating: QUADS! No problems or side-ways stability pain. Kinda sucks that too many people overlook the good-old roller quad skates’ comfort in preference for the inline monsters’ speed.

hasan al zaabi says:

Hello danger man how you doing…
Just need to ask u..
I’ve been using fitness inline skate tempest 110mm.
I learned by watching alot of inline skating VIDs lessons i did alot of practicing, Dry skating in order to strengthen lower body muscle and upper body.
i was reading also about the muscle memory how u must keep it memorised by practicing off skate. Its been like 5 – 6 months of practicing and skating.
I am thinking of switching to Inline Speed skate Low cuff. i need to know what challenges, difficulties or differences i am going to face by this type of rollers?.
Best regards
Thnx alot for ur helpful vids.

Sanita S says:

 I bought k2 exo 6.0 female skates past week:

All was good at first times, skates are very comfortable. But last time after more intensive skating my right foot started to bend outwards. I tough, maybe my leg got tired, also tried to make them tighter – didn’t help. Now i wear skates after 2 days at home..and my right foot is still bending outwards, even when i stand.
Is it really my leg or should i go to store and ask for new pair? Maybe i am doing something wrong. My left foot stands perfect all the time. I took a look at boots, they seem even.

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