FR Skates FR1 310 REVIEW – 3 x 110mm TRISKATES – inline skates/rollerblades/patins/rolki

FR SKATES FR1 310 review. This is a review of the 3 X 110 mm triskates by FR Skates.


Please note I have no affiliation with FR SKATES or any inline skating company for that matter. The opinions in this video are my own.

I bought these skates with my own money and they cost me £270 in October 2018. Looking at a few websites they now appear to be approximately £290 as of January 2019.

The skates are a UK size 9 (US 10) (EU43)

The boot is red in colour with black frames and black wheels. In the video, depending on the light, the boot sometimes appears orange or even pink but I confirm they are red!

I reviewed these skates over a period of about 10 weeks. I have broken the review down starting with a brief introduction of the main features of the skates and then shown the skates being used in a number of different situations. I hope this will give the viewer a good idea of how these skates perform.

Main Features of FR SKATES FR1 310s:

Hard shell boot with removable liner

Micro adjustable straps/buckles on the boot and laces with the liner

2 X 7 mounting positions for frame to boot

4 way adjustable ankle cuffs

The frame is 230 mm and has 110 mm wheels

Twincam equivalent of ABEC 9 bearings

The mounting for the frame to boot is 165 mm

The wheels are 85a grip rating

My favourite part of this skate is the frame and wheels. Due to the relatively short frame it offers high levels of control and I felt confident turning and stopping.

My only real negative about this skate was the width of the boot. I found the boot was a few mm wider than my 2015 SEBA FR1s. As a consequence my foot moved around a little bit in the boot. To fix this I am now wearing two pairs of socks. Unfortunately I do not own a 2016 or 2017 SEBA FR1 boot to compare the width to.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments and I will answer them as honestly as I can.

This is also my first attempt at a proper ‘review style’ video. Any feedback would be much appreciated – Although I am fairly pleased with how the video turned out I am aware it is not perfect and there are many things to improve on in future videos of this type!

The music used in this video has been taken from the Youtube audio library and is therefore not protected by copyright.

Wonder – VYEN
Stranger Danger – Francis Preve


Mariusz Marcinkowski says:

I like it!

Peter Istok says:

GG man!

Nik Zvi Inline says:

Great review and nice skates. I’ve never tried sebas or frs and it’s getting more and more clear to me that i have to.

aadass et said says:


Balázs Tüdõs says:

Nice work 🙂
May I ask how tall are you? I started on 243mm long 3x110s and later gradually switched to much longer frames and I realized that I should have started on those which would have prevented a lot of falls in the beginning. I am 187cm, sg. like 6’2″. I wonder why nobody started recommending frame sizes based on body length which is actually the most important factor related to stability. Just like with skiing. And there is a fair amount of common aspects between the 2 sports.
Sometimes foot length is considered, but I think it is not that important. Also for crossovers, longer legs help a lot, which is usually directly related to body length. You will probably still improve on the shorter frame, but there are certain moves which are much easier on longer ones. Also I do a fair amount of hills where stability is even more important with the higher speeds.
You could probably also try to get a smaller shell and a thinner liner. My feet are also super narrow: 294mm but I can use a 43-44 PS Imperial shell.
All that said you could maybe guess that online material of Leon Basin and the Shop Task guys helped a lot with my evolution for the perfect inline skating gear. I feel I start to belong to their church 🙂

Johro's Inline Skater Channel says:

Nice video! Your conclusion is pretty much as I expected, I have the fr1 310, and I can see the advantages of a slightly shorter frame, as well as the even spacing of the wheels.
By the way, I have both a 2015 and 2016 model fr1, and the 2016 had the upgraded liner, but I still prefer the 2015 model!
This looks like a very nice skate, but I’m happy with my 310’s, I’ve gotten so used to them. Slightly jealous of your skating skills haha.
I’m getting there. Happy rolling!

Simon Evans says:

A great review. You included everything without rambling on – a perfect balance. Lovely proficient skating as usual too.

Barry Heath says:

Great review!! And some really good skating

Nixizt says:

Nice review! I also like your pants. Where can I get them? 🙂

klisher says:

Good video. well thought out and touched the points that every skater wants to know. good that you give them a good couple of months run before doing the review rather than after the first day.

with the width. i got a narrow foot as well. would a thicker liner be better than 2 pairs of socks. ok not so bad over the last few days when its been bloody freezing haha. but in warmer weather and summer is there any ventilation to cool your feet down when its warm or hot weather?

what is easier skating uphill 4 wheels or 3? or is it 6 of one, half dozen of the other.

all the best

Mephistopheles says:

Thanks for making this video, i have been looking everywhere for review and could not find it. I want to buy these frames i currently have FE supersonic 3×110 251mm frame and wanted something shorter with evenly spaced wheels.

Joss says:

Great video, really good review – and your skating is looking on point 😀 If you want to borrow my Next 3×110 anytime to do a comparison, you’re welcome, give me a shout 😉

A. Day says:

I’m happy with my beginner’s skates. If I were an advanced skater I’d totally get these. I like the fact the frames are not long, how the wheels sound and glide smoothly. Great review! Easy to follow.

Inline Skater 88 says:

Awesome skating, and another great video keep it up!!!

Eugene Chan says:

Thank you for the review! I got a pair of FR 325 last summer, and I am still getting used to it. After watching your video, I might change to a 110mm frame for transitioning. This guy deserves more subscribers!

Timothy Tjoen-Tak-Seu says:

I just got a pair myself!!

Make inline skate Great again says:

Perfect review, thanks.

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