Doop Urban 2014 Honest Review (WITH short PERFORMANCE review)

The real HONEST Doop Urban 2014 review that nobody bothered to make for some reason…
This video offers detailed insight on many aspects of these interesting and convenient skates along with highlighting of pros and cons, PLUS actual performance review video on tough asphalt ground with cracks, loose pebbles, and a bit of rain.

Overall rating: Despite it’s wideness and slight hindrance of performance due reasons highlighted in the video and the longer strapping time… this skates performed fantastically as urban skates and will be my go-to skates for commuting from now on. 9.0/10

Note: the wheels on my Doop Skates are not the original 84 mm 85a wheels with ABEC 7 bearings , they are swapped with 78 mm 89a ASPHALT wheels with ABEC 7 bearings (to endure the nasty asphalt).


khalid ateia says:

hi,how you feel about your doop skates after 5 months of skating with it.

Cool One says:

I like the way you say “tighten”. 2:44 minutes.

Trophy Husband says:

why did you swap it with smaller wheels?

Vladimir Longrod says:

For some reason I can’t directly reply to you Richard you might need to edit your account settings, but I would not recommend toms unless your foot size is in the higher range of either the small or the large. Tom’s don’t really hug onto your feet tightly. So as a footwrap, i don’t think it will make for a good fit or stable ride. Again, if your feet size fits the larger range of either small or large then maybe it’ll work, but otherwise I don’t think so. I’d recommend sneakers still.

Richard Domingo says:

can i wear these with toms or shoes as slim as toms ?

gsotoaz says:

Thanks for the Doop review.  I was having a hard time finding one online and I am very interested in getting as much information as possible before I decide if I should buy theses skates.  I’m interested in the Swift model.

aGoesIn says:

what size are you?

switchx says:

Thanks so much for your advice about the arch with the shock pad. I also cut out some flip flips and the skates are super comfortable now.

Māris Graudiņš says:

You can easily remove plastic that bothers you. You already have all parts for it in the box.

Vladimir Longrod says:

Update: im selling this pair for 180 US dollars. Contact me at if you are interested. I sold these because i bought a new pair because i figured out the small size fits a better on me. I will make a update video on this sometime soon in the future!

lorenzo padulo says:

Despite being a shell with no boot, I still found them to be a bit heavy. I’ve got the 2013 freestyle tho. Its the holder really holds all the weight, how do u judge the weight on the newer model?

Chris K says:

Why do the Cardiff Skates suck?

vjmerc says:

Nice review. Thinking of picking up the Freestyle you mentioned once summer hits.

Maja Siroki says:

will you continue that rewiew and tell how is going with your rollerskates after the time, because I have a problem with this last closing on the top because it get open when you are in motion… this sticky thing… ?

RayOfDelight says:

Size S is for US sizes 4-9, but aren’ the skates too wide for small sizes like 4-5 as it also fits shoe size 9? (shoes/ size 9 normally are much wider than shoes/ size 4)  What is your thought on this? Not easy to find a store in Europe to try them on, so your input is much appreciated before I buy them online. Thanks a lot!

Javi.Camps says:

Hii… thank you very much, that’s a Great review.. i was thinking about buying the 2015 Urban .. and I may do it.
thank you for the Honest Review, and that slippers tip !!
i want to ask you about its Durability and how are they now, after quite much use.?
..(sorry for my english =P )

Jeff Morgan says:

Try riding it with a Hoka OneOne running shoe you’ll have plenty of cushion although you may feel your foot bed is way too high for skating.

gsotoaz says:

Just got my Doop Swift skates and love them!

Daniel Souza says:

nice review you could have talked about the tongue if its confortable. I have a Xsjado and I had a few problems adjusting it since you can adjust everything. Mine is a M size 8.5 US Xsjado 2.0 its pretty much a doop for aggressive, or should I say the doops are Xsjados for fitness/recreation? XD

luis fernando arguijo evans says:

Maaan thank you! I have them and the “huge rock is a pain, I thought on selling them” I´m buying flip-flops tomorrow haha. I also figures out that you can take the whole metal part out and replace it with the screw that comes with the, so your foot is lower. Mines got wet on the beach, and now I guess because of that the velcro doesnt sticks well.

SpiralArchitect says:

Hello! I recently bought a Doop Urban just like the one in this video. I saw in the comments that you have now a Doop Freestyle 2015. I would like to ask if it feels very different from the Urban you had in therms of frame quality, strapping system and stuff. I ask this because I wanted a Freestyle but could only buy the Urban due to availability in my region. Are they really almost the same stuff? Thank you very much!

feeldaus says:

Hi, nice review! What do you think about the Oxelo Sneak-In? It’s cheaper than this but I’m not sure if it’s worth the money..

gsotoaz says:

you mentioned that the top leg straps can be removed if you unscrew the screws and you can put on a plastics strap.  Do you know where you can get the plastic screw?  I like plastic screws over the velcro b/c I feel like I can get it tighter

Camarada Caramel says:

 you dont need pliers to tighten their new quick-adjust knob thing. you can just spin the lever from the top to tighten it 😮 

Amir Amir says:

Thank you for the review.

taktikavideo says:

All new (starting from 2014 models) doop skates comes equipped with quickrelease system and there are also “standard bolt & anti rivet” parts in the box if you do not need to change your skate size regularly. That one ensures tight size lock and will never slip. Also it eliminates this shock absorber which lifts your heel so you do not need to modify front with extra padding. Remember- lower you stand to the ground, more stable ride you get. Your wheels and shoe outsole will give you enough shock absorbtion. Good luck, we love to skate too 🙂


chrohm says:

I wear a 10 US shoe – would you recommend going with the larger skate as they show on the website or stick with the smaller version since I’m right in between?  – Thanks!

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