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since I have The skates on me I thought about making a review on them. This is my honest opinion about these skates.


but I won’t write more about the review in the description, watch the video and let me know what you think of it.

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Luisu 15 says:

Deberian venian venir con un frame opcional de xsjados, los que no son Trinity

Alejandro Martinez says:

I love this skate. I may get a couple pairs for my sons. They use my skates, but they’re still growing and may end up bigger than me. The adjustability was a great feature, as were the lights and glowing wheels.

tomnikond600 says:

Great video. What’s the name. Of the light accesorie that you out on front? Thanks.

** Buca says:

Thanks for the review, probably will get them for commuting 😉
Kids, wear protection 😀
Do you plan a review of trinity Edge offroad frames?

Daniel says:

i googled these and you’re on poweslides page?!??!?!
these are expensive thoo

Jay Patankar says:

jump issue, maybe b’coz its 110?

Oleg Wahl says:

Thanks a lot for the review! I was looking around for opinions on these for a while now 🙂

Jefri Alfiza says:

Hello lino how to comparison between doop swift 100 ( ) with doop swift trinity 110 in terms of stability and comfort? and which are most recommended for urban categories? ThxB4

Joseph Scheltema says:

I bought some last month! couldnt wait for you to make a video!!!

ZED Vevo says:

Lino which are the best for city skating ?? Freestyle skate or d triskate ??

dennis de Wildt says:

what a great review, superthanks!!!

Jay Patankar says:

i loved the idea and even purchased the skate. I got a good bargain as i made the purchase at the official outlet store but there is a catch.
The small screw on the ankel strap is so loose that it came off when I had to suddenly go off to the side of the street on some grass to make some place for a biker.
PS has also not been very helpful in getting a replacement. 🙁 i haven’t been able to use them since.

Laurence Rosser says:

It looks to me that the frames can’t be adjusted from side to side. Do you see that as a problem? I really want to buy these skates but that’s the one thing stopping me at the moment

Steady Eddie says:

The lower the deck, the more comfortable it is.
But it is not good if the wheels are small.
It is important to decide the size of the roller.

Damon Asberry says:

Great video Ricardo! Question… Would you recommend this skate as a fitness skate? I have been thinking of getting them as triskate for longer skates on park trails and roads! Thanks for any advice you can give!

Berke Ertaç says:

what is the best trip skates for you ? i travel about 100km a day and i am using megacruiser 3×125 it hurts a lot. which skates should i buy

Gustavo Alves says:

Fantásticos! A luz e as rodas com fosforescência são uma coisa engraçada para os meus Aggressive…. 😉

Skatingdave says:

Haha were you stoned or very tired? while sitting in that chair? Good video

Victor Morse says:

The jumping issue: I think your problem is the shorter frame. I had this issue with a different pair. When we jump we tend to lift the heels then push off with the toes. If you have a short frame, when you jump your weight will shift over the front wheel (instead of above). Thus you eat it. Try longer frames on them and I’ll bet jumping will be easier. Just a suggestion, not a complaint. Great channel, love your videos.

SM TALKS says:

Hi. Is this a good skate for beginners. I’m looking into skates and doop is a great make. I’m not sure if I should go for inline or quad skates. Thank you

Mark Lucchinelli says:

Hi Ricardo
I already have a pair of doop swift 100s and was wondering how these new trinity doops compare in terms of stability, speed etc.
Do you think its worth upgrading or would i not really notice too much difference?

Alex Rose says:

I really like the design. How much do they weigh?

Rayen Seraus says:

First video ive seen with no dislikes awsome

slim rice says:

I hope that you do a promotional video on the Next PowerSlide Skate.

Daniel Centeno says:

y la conclusión? merecen la pena? o si le das más al freeskate no merecen la pena?

Pedro Marques says:

Olá Lino, tudo bem? Será que poderia me responder em seu vídeo anterior? Obrigado!

deepTs says:

great review!!! that point you made twice, about not wearing those trendy soft (spongy) lightweight sneakers, it is so so true!! lightweight is great, but soft bottoms are not good for skaters, dancers and sports where you need accurate pin point control on every move. I’d like to add that congested city commuter skating, cycling, specially motorized at higher speeds, is dangerous. be cautious and wear the right gear. in nyc you have to be extra careful, there are potholes here that can take out 18 wheel trucks !!

Jessie Shores says:

You mention that this wouldn’t be your “only skate.” I’m curious. I’m looking to commute to work, but in my youth I skated aggressive. If you had to choose a skate to purchase for a slightly more aggressive commute. Hopping benches, maybe a small stair, rather than sticking to flat. What would you choose? Thanks, love the videos.

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