since i have he skates on me i though about making a review on them. This is my honest opinion bout these skates.


but i wont write more about the reivew in the description, wathc the video and let me know what you think of it.

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Alex Rose says:

I wonder if the frame is “rockered” to accommodate a 110mm wheel if you decide to go bigger. Powerslide says these skates will fit a 110mm wheel.

Fraldinhas on line says:

the microphone works just fine – congrats for the video!

Wes McGregor says:

Can I get your opinion. …if I wear about a size 42 – 43. Would you recommend getting the smaller size and extending them all the way out, or getting the bigger set and having it on one of the shortest settings?

Eserve468 says:

Those camo shoes are sick!

Adam Frisoli says:

The Apple earpod microphone sounds great! Very surprising. I’m sure there are many beginner youtubers who would appreciate the convenience, simplicity and cost effectiveness of using the existing mic on their earpods. I’m sure very few would suspect how clean the sound quality can be!

Open Music says:

El video es muy muy bueno Por favor suscribirse a mi canal de musica

breaktheloop says:

After watching this review, I bought Doop Swift 100 for commuting and I love them. They are convenient to take on and off with my regular shoes, and have made my commute way faster (and more fun) than walking.

cranespud says:

awesome video full of info, thanks mate!

breaktheloop says:

Thank you for a thorough review with covering differences of this year’s model, the boot components, and tips on using Doops. One suggestion for future videos: please show putting on and off the boots (with lacing and straps), so we can see how fast and easy it is to put on and remove the skates. Great video – I subscribed, liked, and looking forward to your future videos!

Mark Lucchinelli says:

Hi ricardo

Was wondering whether the doops you are skating on in this video are the larger or smaller size ones?

Alex Rose says:

Thank you for the review! What is the frame length (mm)? I can’t find it anywhere…

Xules Pommier says:

do you think its good to get them as my first skates?

Elad Zalman says:

I have the same pain from ankle pads in front when I bend my knees and from the tongue on the sides… i see the tongue in your doop is very high, How do you manage to do that? Do you have any suggestions?

Ruan Victor says:

Lino, eu tive um desse versão 22014-15 o verde, era muito instável, aqui no Brasil temos ruas muito ruins e usando ele sentia demais os buracos o que eu achei estranho por ser um triskate de 100mm.
Mais essa versão parece bem melhor construído, ainda assim trocaria a base por uma supercruiser.

Santiago Rodriguez says:

BIG thank you. Just got the 2016 model and not into them. so sad about it but i think is my shoes. I figured all shoes worked but so far i have tried this with the 2 shoes you did not recommend. Thanks again.

Consciousness Law says:

Your microphone is working good. =)

James Mackey City Skater says:

When the velcro wears out. 5:30

ureviews says:

Nice video! Where is this place?! looks gorgeous!

ladydmethify says:

So skateboarding shoes will work great =)

Zoli says:

I believe the word you’re looking for is fasten.

Prostě Frajer says:

Have you got a merch ??

Daniel Schlegel says:

what do you call these types of skates?

MrJlmmeh says:

nice video! i thought about getting doops for a while to commute ocasionaly back home with them but i hear it’s really uncomfortable to ride these with regular shoes since they get sweaty etc; care to elaborate your view on this? Thanks

fallow Kent says:

Very interesting review ! It’s the first skates review that i’m very satisfying about !

And I’m not looking for doop skates at all lol, but now when it will be the time (even if I’m not looking for doop at right now, I know I’ll buy it in the futur for transportation) I will know how to put them on (the part on which type of shoes should we use to use for the doop skates was very relevant) etc.


mastichka says:

Hi, Lino, awhile after the review I’ve got these as my starter and already two months enjoy them but was thinking about changing the frame set with some 125 mm like the PS Megacruiser or GC tri-skate mainly for comfort’s sake cause where I live the tarmac in local parks is from decent to awful and wanted to reduce the vibrations on my joints being an old guy. Will it be fine or the 125 mm would be too much for a DOOP-skate?

WK T says:

Mine had the adjustment system bolt fell out on the first day. The boots are very uncomfortable skating backwards. It’s a bit annoying to put than on. I put on my seba skates faster than doop. So don’t buy it

Anh Hoang says:

Hey Lino, I own 3 pairs of doops. I can agree with you about shoes 😀 I remove the shock absorber when I use runners shoes. The other problem that you haven’t mention that is the pain from ankle pads in front, they press on top of your feet, if your shoe doesn’t have fat tongue, it might hurt on the long run. Or maybe I do it wrong, if yes can you point me the detail how to wear it right so that the skate doesn’t press that hard on top of my feet.

Kash Meer says:

Any chance of trinity version of the Doop? 🙂
until then,do you think ,with some “works” a trinity frame could be adapt to it?
thanks for the review

Daniel Schlegel says:

these would make so dope uni skates

NAT K says:

Thank you so much for this incredibly helpful video! I’m a college student looking to buy these for traveling class to class (my campus is very flat and very paved). I wear Timberlands or Puma court stars almost every day. For my purposes, do you think using these skates would be functional considering the type of shoes that I wear? For shoes like Timbs or hightops, would it damage the shoe? Thank you : )

Paul Conlon says:

sound is good on this vid. A very thorough review. Glad you’ve come round to a heal brake being a great asset on a skate. With my ‘city skating’ I reckon heal brakes have saved me quite a few sets of wheels (& hence money)!

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