Doop Freeride Freestyle Inline Skates Review

The Doop Freeride Freestyle Inline Skates are part of the Powerslide Doop line and have been designed with 3 words in mind – comfort, convenience and style. All Doop skates are made so that your own shoes fit inside the boot skeleton, enabling you to skate or walk at the ease of a few straps. Perfect for adults and kids, men or women, Doop skates are great for all levels of skating. The Doop Freeride Freestyle Inline Skates have the Beta aluminum frames, a short frame that supports 80mm wheels and is geared toward urban and freestyle skating.

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Marc Calo says:

Can I use any kind of 80mm wheels?

faridjabba says:

how much?

Facundo Dolz says:

I am new to this can someone tell me what speed achieved? more or less

Ivan Mack says:

How do these compare to rollerblading twister? What’s better overall?

Inline Warehouse - Fitness says:

If this is something that you purchased from us, call us and speak with our customer service about a possible warranty claim. If you didn’t purchase it from us, or for some reason are outside the warranty period, have the CSR contact our buyer and we can see about getting that piece for you.

Vince Bonner says:

Just bought the Doop swift from u guys. Was hoping you would carry more of powerslide skates, like the new Vi fsk since your the only distributor I can find in North America

Sa'Kage says:

what are the advantages and disadvantages between these and normal freestyle skates? Thanks!

Inline Warehouse - Fitness says:

Both are great skates and you would be hard pressed to say which is better overall as it would really depend on your use and situation. If you’re doing more slalom skating, with high maneuverability needs, I would recommend the Twister, as the boot and skate are designed in conjunction, providing better control and response. If using as a form of travel, short distance to low intensity fitness workouts, or recreational activities, the Doops would be better since they are more convenient.

Bernardo Mozzato says:

These skates use the standard/international frame pattern?

Velle Montinola says:

What’s the advantage of this with the Doop 84 Classic?

Inline Warehouse - Fitness says:

We will be carrying more Powerslide products in the near future, but anything that has a Vi in the name (except the Vi Soft) will not be available in the US. For the FSK line, we will have the Imperial, Imperial Pro and Hardcore Evo skates.

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