Hey guys it’sa me, Tiago the french inline skater and today we’ll try to find the main differences between cheap and expensive inline skates! What do we get when we pay more, or less?

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M.F.K the Nice says:

You do not know about sakets

ben cohen says:

Enoing voice

Nitish Malhotra Vlogs says:

Hi! Just want to know that is Roces ZYX inline skate model is a good choice for beginners?? And does it fall under cheap inline skates category or not?
Waiting for your reply!

長野原清見 says:

I’m a quad skater :3 but this still helps

Didier Savin says:

Salut Tiago 😀
Que penses tu de ceux-là ?
J’adore tes vidéos 😉

Anand Kumar Jha says:

PART ii )) PART ii )) >>> OXELO MF500 HARDBOOT 🙂

askroller - Канал о роликах says:

Skating! We need to see them in real skating!

Holo people says:

My skates were 15 pounds.

wwe world says:

I have cheap SAME

Leo Animations says:

I got mines for £10, crap bearings so it didnt roll ; I was basically running with wheels on my feet. I dont know if i can skate…

Zed says:

I bought oxelo today they look nice…

Alyxandeyr says:

I have a question. I haven’t rollerbladed in years, but I got a new pair of Linear Lazer rollerblades (work was paying for them, and that’s the brand they would buy) and the track is riveted into the boot. No real surprise, I suppose.

Except that the tracks, on closer inspection, are not only too far to the outside of the boot, but the track on the right boot is actually about 1 or 1.5 cm further to the inside of the boot in the front than in the back. Basically, the track is angled inward, but only on one boot.

Did I just not notice this when I was younger?

Any information is appreciated.

Tiago, I love your videos. I mainlined every one of them when I was getting back into skating. Learned more new about skating than I had ever known. Thank you so much

Chase Cook says:

Hey man, know this isn’t super related, but would you happen to know of a not super crazy expensive freestyle/freeride skate that comes in size US14/EU48?

MikeCGaming says:

In the beggining of the video you mentioned another video you made, but you didnt say the title and you didnt post a link in the description. I would like to watch that video too.

C M says:

have you hit puberty yet damn son your nuts need to drop

TheOnlyBlueStopSign says:

Hey Tiago and the gang, I was wondering if you any of you guys could help me out. Basically brand new to skating. (Paragraph Inbound)

So I just got into the whole idea of skating and I seems like a whole lot of fun. I have skated about 5 times now for 45-60 minutes each time. The biggest struggle I am having is that my ankles want to bend inwards, and I have to bend them to get any power to move anywhere, and its not a whole lot of power at all. Small hills are a struggle for me to get up, or to go fast (not that I’m really comfortable going fast yet). So I will go over my theories and maybe you all can help me out.

Firstly, I’ve been borrowing my girlfriend’s dad’s rollerblades that he wore one time and didn’t use again. They’re quality athletic blades, expensive i believe, but the wheels aren’t like the ones I see on all these videos. They are shorter on the inside of the wheel and longer on the outside, almost like if they were rounded wheels that have been worn down, but they are brand new wheels, it’s just their design. I feel like I have to be pushing my ankles outward to keep on that very thin point where the the wheel “point” is because it’s on the outer side. Is that how they are supposed to be? Should I get different wheels/skates (might buy my own) that are rounded to start off at my beginner level?

Secondly, I believe also it has to do with me just being a beginner. My ankles could just need to get stronger but I am athletic, I am a strong runner and I lift regularly. Maybe it’s just my form or something, but my girlfriend who is a skinny little thing just zooms right up hills with ease while I am going full range of motion with my leg pumps (exaggeration) to get up a 10 degree bank hill lol

Could it also be the fit around the ankles? I can’t tell very well if my ankles are moving around in the skate or if the whole skate is moving while I am actually moving in them.

Sorry for the paragraph, but I would appreciate any shared knowledge!

Yue says:

What headphones do you wear while skating?

AiR FluX1 says:

Mission skates are a really good set of skates but the wheels are for indoor skating cos they are hockey skates I own a pair and they are so worth the money

lamilumag says:

dont. buy. cheap. crap.

Kalib Martin says:

Does any one know if you can Slalom in rollerblade twister x ?

bradyspace says:

Looks like its miss threading when it first starts out. Could also be the small diff between a standard supplier for the axle and metric supplier for the bolt.

Lorenzoalvarez Alvare says:

Cheap once work as expensive

Drop Forged says:

Salut, bravo pour avoir eu l’idée de ce comparatif. As-tu ou vas-tu faire la seconde partie ?

Agun Agun says:

আমার৷ লাবে

Rafael Sośnicki says:

I like the idea of your video but… unfortunately instead of learning what money could actually buy me in inline skating – I got video that compares cheap “casual skates” VS expensive pro skates. You only pointed the differences in material and not how they will affect your experience. Most of the pros and cons you could literally read on the manufactures website and see on the pictures..! Like your style but this was unhelpful.

Giuseppe Aragona says:

hi! do you know where i can buy other screws like the ones we saw in this video (for the advanced skates…that can be romeved with just one allen key)? i have fila ghibli 90 skates and i need them!!! thanks

Nicolas David says:

Hey, I own this oxelo pair of skates, did not have the replacement axles though, so once the break off, I just compensated the loss of thickness with big washers, and it was fine. I used this pair a freaking lot (8hrs/day), and it was good, really, very comfortable, and so light. Don’t expect to slide or jump with it and actually keep’em in one piece for long, and do not expect either to do some great free style : your feet have some room, but they’re quite solid for what they are. In fact I trust their frame a lot more than those thin aluminum non removable frames from FILA. The wheels are crap, but can be replace with 80mm if you want.

Great model for total beginners !

Ryan Wolver says:

The expensive one is literally like mine LOL
*Everything is the same as mine xD*

Mighty Dvorky says:

I was looking forward to some tutorial or some tips and trick. But this? Sorry. Dissapointment. Very.

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