Bauer Vapor 1XR Inline Skate Review

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Hi everyone , I’m Tommy Neer with Bauer Roller Hockey, today here with Total Hockey and State Wars to tell you about the new 1XR skate.

Today we have some great new features in our 1XR skate, we’ve got a new Form Fit tongue with a curv composite insert. The tongue being lighter weight allows us to provide a better fit and a lighter product overall for this skate to perform at it’s highest level.

We also have a revolutionary liner with the 37.5 technology it allows it to dry up to 5 times faster than any other skate liner in the game today.

We’ve also got a 3-D aluminized curv composite quarter with a new x-rib pattern providing a great fit, great stability and agility to the skate. The one difference between the 1X ice skate and the 1XR Roller Hockey skate would be that we provide abrasion specific abrasion guard to allow for durability with this product considering it’s made for roller hockey.

The new Bauer Speed Plate is the industry leading proprietary technology. The Bauer Speed Plate features a recovery alloy that provides the player with a revolutionary custom fit for the entire foot. The precision fit allows the skate to become a part of the foot enabling the player to achieve optimized balance and stability, resulting in higher top end speed and ultimate efficiency.

Another great feature would be the full light weight composite out sole that allows for great transfer of energy as well. The Kryptonium chassis down here at the bottom of the skate is very light weight, strong and stable product for any high end roller hockey player to make sure they’re performing at their highest peak level.

Great piece below the boot here would be the Revision Variant Plus wheel that we feature. This has a torus technology allowing for flex and agility and then we have the new high end urethane on the outside providing maximum grip and speed.

Thanks for taking the time to check out the new 1XR make sure you head down to Total Hockey or to get this new skate from Bauer Hockey.


Marlon De Anda says:

And I don’t even do big tricks or hits

Sean McGuinness says:

Lol why are the showing a kid wrapping the laces around the back? They aren’t designed to do that haha typical bender. Here come all the “Its for support” comments back at me haha

Marlon De Anda says:

Don’t buy buaer hockey skates mine broke

greyrounds says:


60secondclip says:

who needs composite boots for inline eh?

_ Red says:

900 dollar roller blades?! The creator of hockey is probably rolling in his grave.

Galimah says:

is it possible street surf with hockey inlines?

IlllIIIlllliiIiI says:

kryptonium? is bauer serious with this garbage? I guess that’s what happens when spoiled 13 year old douche bags direct the market.

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