Adapt Hyperskate Zero; ‘Ninja Skate’ Review By Bill Stoppard

Adapt Hyperskate Zero is the world’s most fashionable skate but can it perform? Bill Stoppard rips in, and reviews the Hyperskate in Toronto. City skating, park skating, and sprints test the Adapt Hyperskate Zero for a comprehensive answer.

Remember, the best inline skater will ‘pad it out when in doubt’

Hyperskates are from
Shot with the Canon 5D MII and GoPro4 Black.


jerseyboynaz says:

Hi Bill, a question. What is your fastest speed on rollerblades. I use an ap on my phone. It tracks my distance and speed and average. I am just curious to know how fast you go and the fastest you’ve gone on wheels.I just wanna see where I am at. Thanks in advance.PS: You look superfast….. Who needs a car yeh…

MrJlmmeh says:

Hey, love the videos! i recently got back to skating in paris city style and now that my confidence is increasing i’m looking for some gloves to try more dangerous maneuvers. The ones in this video look nice (i hate wrist protectors; they’re too rigid) but i can’t seem to find them online; Anoui ? Could you give me the reference please? Thanks

Melanie M says:

VERY Nice.

Bearly A Koala says:

That time you thought he would stand out at the skate park by wearing all black, then turns out he fits in even more by wearing all black.

Spider Man says:

Fun request. Skate in a suit. THAT WOULD MAKE IT A LEVEL FANCIERRR

FlyingTritons says:

You should definetly skate on these wearing a suit at the business district! See if the security guys will push you away then.

Carl Christian Kryger Pedersen says:

You look just like Pavel Datsyuk haha

Eelke Aptroot says:

Man as a Dutch vegan I’m thrilled to see we still produce some quality equipment, too bad we have to skin animals to do it, guess we call that tradition… Once again awesome skill and footage.

Omni Art says:

These are so dope!!

JacSk8 says:

I want to see u try some shitty quads

Alexander Boost says:

In regards to what you said in the video at six minutes in. YES you should definetly wear these with a suit. Maybe do something similar as with the IGORs, with a little story. Could be cool.

McNugget Butts says:

Did anyone hear the really faint stay tuned

Lucas says:

Hi. I have a question. I’m 20 now and I used to skate quite a bit when I was around 14~17. So I didn’t skate in a long while, but I did ride a bike constantly, did swimming and karate mainly and regularly, so I’m definitely fit. The skates I used back then had a wheel of around ~70mm I’d say, maybe less, but definitely not bigger. I would like to get back into skating early next year probably or something like that, as soon as possible and I was thinking I should buy a 80~85mm wheels. Suggestions for a medium level skater that has never skated 70~75+mm wheels before and wants to get back into it? I would like to mention here that I want to spend some money to get a good pair of skates, but seeing as how wheels are replaceable I wouldn’t mind starting off with smaller wheels and getting something like 85mm wheels after I get back into it, and get my balance right again. Thanks in advance if you reply. 🙂

John Secreto says:

Those look amazing Bill! And comfortable! Can’t wait to see some epic flow’s in those bad boys! Its too bad winter is around the corner and the light is going down quicker!

Daniel Souza says:

I have a few questions:
1-whats the weight? boot only and complete.
2-how does the carbon fiber boot go in the realm of confort? I have this idea that CF is way too hard for a confortable urban skate. I skated in the hardcore evo from powerslide and its freaking hard and unconfortable, but its a slalom skate.
3-Do you think the leather will rip fast? like I dont like to be careful around with my skates so I would probably use them like a normal plstic skate.

jack marsden-mayer says:

so it performed… but what do you recommend in the non fashion world???


how much are those?

Commander Shepard says:


Christine Z says:

just bought these, cant Wait to check them out!

whichoneever says:

Good durability on these, over 5 miles a day use ? City

UneducatedProfessor says:

Hi, which GoPro Pole did you use in this video? and are there any others you would recommend?

Miguel Barajas says:

wow those are fancy.

GatoPerro0 says:

rollerblading = parkour with wheeled shoes = ninja stuff

Inline Downhill Vancouver says:

How’d the integrated cuff feel compared to a standard plastic cuff, such as with the Seba High?

Gary winthorpe1122 says:

I just want a nice pair of skates but with no brake thingi on the back. what do I get


beautiful, price not so beautiful

Not resisting just defending says:

A black AR 15 would look great with the overall outfit


Im actually going to try putting on a suit and go blading downtown. See if I get any girls 😀

James Mackey City Skater says:

Nice review… I noticed the bigger the wheels on my skates…. the more whobbly they are and it takes more control to keep them stable/skill. I am more restricted to my movements also…. but as I skate I do get better and over time I do forget I am wearing big wheels and am able to move just as good as a 80mm wheel with my 100mm wheels. I think a lot of it may just be in my head.

Ryan C says:

How are you enjoying the colder days now?

Worques says:

Wow they are so silent!

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