Took The 2018 Roces m12 skates for a ride and here’s my opinions:

Roces is making a come back in the Aggressive inline skating industry, they now have a killer pro team with Joe Atkinson and Nils Jansons and they are both skating the new white M12 skates, but are they any good?

In this video, i unbox a new pair of Roces M12 and go through some of the skate specs.

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chavo1021 says:

Bro sick I got the Alex valo look same

Cvez Filmz says:

Great job shredding it! Go Portugal!

Freestyle Skater says:

I like this video very much 🙂 these skates are indeed very stylish, I love how they look! 🙂 And you make all your tricks seem so easy on them 😛 I’m thinking about getting these skates for their looks and only 1 buckle which is the best kind of buckle I ever had 🙂
How do these skates (or boots) compare to Seba CJ skates? Because these are so cheap I figure there must be some downsides compared to more expensive skates like the CJ. I’m thinking about setting these boots up with a Wizard NR90 frame and a GC Mega frame for in the parks. Or would that expensive Wizard frame be wasted on a boot like this?


Love it

Yusi Butler says:

Es precioso ese patín , gracias!

Guillermo Vergara says:

Lino, very stylish in the Roces. I know the skate dont make the skater. but Do u think the skates guide u to a better position??. U look better skating in roces than in ur 7s. What is ur feeling. Saludos desde Panama.

Aaron Turner says:

You have any reviews on gc megas?

Ramon Rodriguez says:

Great session Lino!

gofixmix says:

Awesome, I’m happy that you approve, cause I chose V13 for my first aggressive skates, with intuition liner and Oysi. They feel great for normal skating, not ridiculous at all switching from big wheel skates and I learned 3 grinds on my first ledge sesh, better than I expected!

JFomo says:

I took my old Majestic 12’s out the other night for a quickie up and down the street. The wheels have no grip at all after all these years.
I wouldn’t mind getting these new Roces just for the heck of it.

Edwin Contreras says:

I wanna get into aggressive now

Polo Rico says:

Tell Roces to stop playing games and bring out the 5 th element s man they will make a killing ull never have to bring wax whit u plus’s Every one know who was the first to brake ice to do royals on down rails

Ste Dunn says:

that was some of the most cleanest tricks I’ve ever seen, well done man.

Freestyle Skater says:

How’s the heel lock in these skates?

Stefan Brandow says:

Thank you for starting this out with a toe roll <3

Austin Lawrence says:

Thanks for the review man it’s making me super hyped to skate these!!

Marko Grubor says:

Great job on ROCES, Ricardo! Thats my favorite brand. Im rocking ROCES ELEMENT 52, flat setup, for a couple of years now, and i found them really nice for skating all around. Now Im thinking about getting new M12 maybe. They look really good tho. OLD SCHOOL blades, you now. 😉 🙂 And white one are dope as hell! Big up Lino!

olivier lessard says:

and for gaps? Is there a shock absorber?

Davi T says:

Nice! Looks like my Rollerblade Edward Trooper from the 90s. What’s the difference between this and the black Roces M12? It is just the color really, isn’t it?

dami4N says:

More reviews of skates!!!

nerdhoolio says:

Its the wheels, i replaced them and now the skate is much faster

Santos Marquez says:

Change to the bigger wheels so we can see pls

kev low says:

i want them!  🙂


I expected for compare flexibility with v13 shell and cuff. And more details about the liner…. Is still for narrow feet as V13?

r0b690 says:

That rail is amazing!

2QS says:

Man, you make everything look so easy. Great review.

Braulio says:

Great video, remind me the grooves from the old days, not sure if I’ll like it

Robert Green says:

Let me know how the bigger wheels work. I have a black pair but i want a little more speed.

Luisu 15 says:

Gracias por escuchar al público. Si de mí parte quiero ver con 3×3 y algun frame más. Abrazo

Jay Turner says:

Great video man! i have a black pair of these and they’re amazing!

אני ולוגר says:

I buy them one week ago and they amazing

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