#144 K2 VO2 90 BOA Review!!! (VLOG)(NARRATED)


John Hannon says:

Yo excellent video with some good advise! Going to be skating again myself so look out world!..hahaha. Went with the K2 fit boa in red/black with the 84mm wheels which is plenty for casual roller rink riding. Had to get 1/2 a size up because of wide foot disease..lol.

Tom Shea says:

did u resolve the problem with the break screw ? cheers

Jace Robins says:

Are these sized accurately to the shoe size you normally wear?

How To Inline Skate says:

18:07 Good recovery! First time on speedy fitness skates I also almost fell on my back on the first jump.

55x11 says:

Awesome vid. Love the grass skating moves and power slides.

hyperiuSupern0va says:

great review. i like genuine ones without all the showmanship. also i like the way you skate, these were meant for recreational/fitness but skating street freestyle is my way. the wheel size is larger, good bearings. only thing i was worried about these skates is that the height of the wheel is more, so i’m wondering if stability is there, since i’m thinking of these skates for my gf. or get her the k2 freestyle uptown.midtown

Kloudygirl says:

these look so amazing james! ive actually had my eye on the k2 alexis x pro

ps with this heelbrake u should totally try out sum of these heelbraking techniques from Shop Task >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kM3RU7jnOA

this video shows that heelbrakes can b cool and also save ur wheels (and bolts in ur case) so i wanna actually install mine on my doops just to see what fun can b had from a brake 😉

Dynamic Duo says:

I got a pair of K2 BOA for my birthday back in July. I really like them. Much faster than my old blades & handle rough surfaces much better.

MilkCow says:

Were any of you going to point out the soft voice to loud music transitions?

John Doe says:

You destroyed those skates on the first ride! … I’m either getting the K2 84 boa or those K2 90 boa … my current skates are some some really old 76mm K2s

Martin Schlie says:

Taking the break off and breaking with the wheels.. Im not sure i can follow your logic… Wheels are way more expensive than a breakpad…

HiTechKing says:

Man that was an awesome narration watched the whole vid! Can you do some how to tricks video? 🙂

Lazy Daze says:

I bet those 83a’s were nice and gummy in that Texas heat lol. 85a is my preferred hardness until it gets colder, then I can go a little softer. Those are some sweet skates though man.

Lord_Edge says:

If there was no replacement bolt/nut in the box for replacing the brake ones then you should have complained, my pair included them in a little plastic bag along with a quick start guide to the skate.

Sarah Martin says:

James,  can you compare hockey inlines to  speed skate inlines for me?  Is one easier to learn a power slide?  I have played hockey for 20 yrs, but nervous about trying it on pavement.

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