#106 Tour FishBone Lite 225 Skate Review!!! (Narrated)


LSx HTX says:

haha! I was about to say that looks like Houston

DomsBlading says:

Those are some nice skates! Did you have any lace bite in the beginning? Or were they comfortable on the first day?

HAC_TV says:

Next time try separating the city tour and skate review into separate videos. There’s a lot of irrelevant info in this one.

CJ Rocky says:

can you poo on them?

Jimmyw says:

word of advice. that dog barking intro is really killing my poor ear drums ;). other then that good vid ^^

Da Choppah says:

Skates are too loose. Lace ’em up tighter kid. World of difference. Check the size. If you are a 10 shoe you need a 9 Skate. Gotta go down a size from shoes.

ChernoAlpha 1300 says:

Do you still skate with them after the vid was uploaded?

PeckoBre says:

aw man nice vid but lost me after 10mins, try to keep videos shorter

Joseph Taylor says:

oh sweet you got em

uRaSped says:

Good video thanks. I just ordered these so your video was very specific thanks. Your style is like Bill Stoppard

Joseph Taylor says:

sometimes the wheels feel really sticky and the wheels break thats my only problems with em

Cameron Penny says:

Hey I was just wondering have you tried the 325 if so are they good?

Matthew Liou says:

On amazon these skates cost $74.87

GODis MEME says:

You do a nice job holding the camera steady. And your giving a lot of really good info. It’s nice to see local terrain as well. I think this would be fun as support for a marathon runner. I did it on my Fix Gear this year, but man on skates would be epic! Downtown Houston streets is like a ghost town during race day.

madison gamez says:

hey I also live Houston to


I have the tour 225 fishbone my self.I do like it my self but i like the Bauer vapor skates a bit more.

Matthew Liou says:

Btw there’s no snow in Houston

RockCh4lk says:

I haven’t skated since I was a teen, I am now 27. Looking for my first skate in a while. I found this skate for $90 on amazon, but I have narrower feet, and smaller ankles. I saw that Bauer/Misson make narrower skates, but I can’t find a pair for cheaper than $130. Could I make the Tour skate work, or should I spend more for something like might fit my foot a little better?

Namity says:

these or Mission Inhaler DS7?

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