Which hockey skates are the best and why ?

Best ice hockey skates of 2016. Which are the best and why?Hockeytutorial custom jerseys – http://hockeytutorialstore.com/collections/hockey-jerseys

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Timidx Lucid says:

Bauer s160s is a good pair of skates

Miguel H says:

Great video. How about arches for the foot. I have flat feet. Which model has no arch? thanks

Jacqueline Jordan says:

I have tried the CCM skate. They are a good skate however unless they changed, I found them a bit too rigid. Normally that wouldn’t be bad for support however I found them difficult to get a good tight lacing. Bauers are pretty good I found however the skate I loved the most they do not make anymore. For a small time, Nike and Bauer got together and made a skate. They fit wonderfully, I could get a good tight lacing on it and they were so comfortable. If you know what the feeling is like when you first put on a brand new pair of Nike sneakers then that is the best way to describe how they felt on my feet. The Tuck blade is amazing and it felt like it was an extension of my foot. I had a good feeling of control when on the ice. I think now the Vapor skate is what the old Nike/Bauer used to be.

Michael D'Anna says:

Horizontal stripes on a STRAIGHT man is a no no…..Its a flag, just sayin for the next production

Perpetual Student says:

A British black guy commentating on hockey skates!? I love it! good on ya sir!

Xxcoonishishx 85 says:

I have tired ache feet and I cans get custom skate what do I do

Wolf Trickshots says:

I have tacks

WalksWithTurkeys says:

Good video, good information. A hockey coach at a rink shop sold me £200 skates that did not fit. 3 months later I bought another pair at a good shop. They were 1 size smaller, and a different model. I preferred the look of others, but the ones I bought were by far the best fit. They were just right in the toe box, gripped my ankles, and had enough depth. And on the ice they are the mutts nuts.

Kgw100 says:

bauer supreeeeeeeeme

Jaimerga says:

What is your opinion about the new Powerslide Reign?

3beltwesty says:

Looks over function seems to be a trend with modern hockey skates and the marketing of them. Decades ago skates were not very colorful at all. The darn box was, not the skate.

A modern high-end drab looking great skate today would not sell well since the end user uses looks over function as the chief metric to buy products.

Thus Flash cool looking 40 dollar Chinese ill-fitting flimsy hockey skates beat hand made New old stock made in Canada skates that once cost 415 dollars.

Thus what I think as great old skate means really nothing, what matter is looks. ie if it looks good then it has to be a good skate!

Yea a friend uses 40 buck flash looking new Chinese Bauer clone rejects that never break in and are weirdly molded ill-fitting rejects since they look cool . But the new old stock ccm 852’s made in Canada I gave them sit in their closet not used, since they look plain.

ie who cares if the skate cost 415 bucks 2 decades ago and was used by pros . What matters is how the skate looks! 🙂

Same goes with saxophones :), A 150 buck flash looking new chinese sax is better than a unlacquered Yanagisawa . Flash means it has to be better!

Brett Yuzik says:

Pls make high end skates vs low end skates

Austin Lockwood says:

the tacks are bigger than the supremes

Tristan Bosch says:

please help me. i am 12 years old and i am 65-70 KG. whicb skates would you suggest the the CCM 270s or CCM 280s. I am on the ice every saturday from 10:00AM-5:00PM. And then on the ice from 7:30- 11:00PM. i am starting to play ice hockey next year

Master Chaos says:

What were the models from the bauer vapor line last year?

Xxcoonishishx 85 says:


Wolf Trickshots says:

Pro 3


I use the 2016 supreme 180 skates and i love them

Bohdi Schneider says:

CCM super tacks are my favourite cause they are comfy

John Walsh says:

super tacks

Bauer CA says:

Vapors are most confortable for my feet but i have reebok 20k

Bohdi Schneider says:

I would pick ccm super tacks or bauer nexus 1N

Reion Delorme says:

CCM jetspeeds

Miikepoike says:

im in love with my rbz 60

Oscar Mejia says:

Thank you!

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