What are Custom TRUE skates like?

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I’ve been wanting to test out VH skates for a while, and after they were bought by TRUE I was approached about getting a pair to review. I’ve shared the experience here to help anyone who might be debating getting TRUE skates.

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Andrew Severn says:

They are butt ugly, but it sounds like they are decent skates, certainly in the fit. Next question is like Jeremy says how will they last.

Ferg's Films says:

So I’m guessing you don’t like these a ton considering in the last few videos you mentioned you wear Bauer skates when you got them scanned in Texas

Wanna Ride Bikes says:

I have over 40 pair of skates and played the game most of my life I’ve seen so much change in the game and equipment. I my self jumped on the Bauer one 90 at the time top of the line. However I did get mine as a demo so I wore them every games and every skate. To me they were junk I broke the boot two games. Got new pair still my opinion was junk. However I do used a lot of different skates and my equipment is oldtimer from the 90 I use Easton leather Donzi air like Mike Madoner used geez I forget his last name or say Brian leetch of the rangers. And love em. I own over 50 pair of gloves I love the channel. I’d love to do a video on the old and new like skates from the 90 to now and glove like wear down I do think the lighter is better but not to everyone I’m old so I like weight. Just like the old classic cam jerseys. Heavy. Yo Jeremy when ever I can join ya in a video I’d love to if my name comes up I’m know as hockeybob but I spell it Hockeebob well hit me up I’d like to see what kind of things about hockey

Dec Pierce says:

Can u make an update video

Broxty says:

Two of my friends bought these… Both had problems with eyelids and other parts rusting/corroding… Hard pass for me, all they do is bitch about the lack of quality parts.

Seth Whorl says:

played my first pickup game today got two assists and 2 shots on goal. ( It was an about 20 minute game.) Any advise from anybody to improve my game and get better at crossovers.

The Great White North says:

Hard to justify spending $1000 on skates that are still basically the same ones from 2012.

Keri Topouzian says:

Jeremy, how stiff are they? Can you sprint in them?

DH says:

lace bite?

sam Xu says:

Will you wear it to Shanghai for class?

P.K. Subban says:

Hi Jeremy…can you do reviews on the “Exclusive” skates from Source for Sports. Like the Bauer Supreme Elite, Comp and Matrix…because they unique from what we normally see at our sports shop.

Schaumburg Hockey League says:

Is that foot measuring machine that was at Hockey Monkey how you determined the specs of these custom skates? And are there any other hockey stores that have that measuring machine in the US?

Steven Munoz says:

so if you’re invited to play in a high stakes game……what are you go to skates?

Dena Contreras says:

they’re so amazing but i had to get used to the blade thickness because I’ve had my other pair for so long

jacob Perry says:


charzard says:

omg that’s my home arena i play for the innisfil winter hawks at the ymca in innisfil!!!!!!!

Minnesota Arctic Blast says:

What it’s Snowing ? Wish I was there to Hot out Right now !!!!!!!!!!

Kaylen Jenkins says:


thehotgoalie says:

I spot a leftie

Larry Lunchbucket says:

Cool. Just went to their site. Too bad you can’t customize anything about the plastic holder, not even the color.

FamilyGuyfan889 says:

Use a vintage helmet, gloves, stick, and skates

Nick S says:

Hello, what s your impression of the STEP holders? People often prefer tuuk, does step offer any advantage?

Martin Sweeney says:

Are different holders and blades an option or are they done after you buy

Mode Hockey says:

Nice video work

FamilyGuyfan889 says:

Can you try out 1890s blades?

BaconTaco says:

I should’ve got some of these my skates didn’t fit well and I already have plantar fasciitis so skating on them caused a lot of damage to my arches and my right foot now has some permanent damage done to them. By that I mean my right arch is lower than my left possibly permanently if the left plantar facia don’t tear as well. Never go for cheap skates, save up a little longer for something that really fits you.

Craig Crawford says:

damn those are ugly skates. Remind me of the ’70s Langes

Jordan Brown says:

Ugly af

Cubing Inc says:

Bauer laces

Nino Titan says:

Do you still have to send them in for warranty?

TNN_P1E says:

I have step steel blades on my ft370s it really doesn’t make a difference in weight. It does help for sharper/lower turns.

Lucas pucas says:

Nice vid I practice in my garage with a hockey ball is there a difference if I practice with that or a puck … plz answer

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