VH Hockey Skates Review

VH Hockey Skates Review
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Oli Segall says:

Not sure if anyone else has noticed but the way you shoot and edit your videos are superb!

Keep up the work Chris 🙂

Kyle Andersen says:

Great video as always chris! Now i really need to get a pair of these 🙂

Riftwind says:

Thanks for all your tips and reviews, they have helped me alot!  I picked up my Reebok Ribcor Pumps recently and I am loving them. I have used Inline speed skates , and being designed by a speed skater they really interest me especially with the kind of power stride transfer

Vaassili08 says:

He really doesn’t skate like a ice hockey player.

Q Daddy says:

I’m a big, heavy player (280 pounds) do you think these skates will be able to support me?

MrANTman905 says:

These look like a really awesome skate. Right now I’m using the ccm u+ crazy light skates do you think these can bring more speed and durability then them

KEN lIM says:

Hi! i Stay in Singapore, where or how can i get this skates!?

Greg Queeney says:

Just got my pair today and skated for about 2 hours. Feather light, super comfortable a pleasure to dig into the ice.  This company will go far with a product that is vastly superior to all other commercial lines.  Give it two years and I’m sure the NHL will be full of players with VH skates.


Great review. Any chance you could do a review like this on the Verbero Vortex skates?

Ross R says:

An english guy reviewing skates lol mkayyy

Lucas Vickers says:

To be fair I wouldn’t call this a review, rather an informational video.

Ian Jefferson says:

looks flimsy as crap

flyers10az says:

Any issues with tendon guard rivet breaking? Seen others break and mine broke in first month.

AldiAldiAldi1 says:

Do u play in the elite ice hockey league?

scr33m84 says:

Mb skates are good, just looks not so good..missing some spark in design overall

FPSFREAK314 says:

How much are these. I’m 285 6 feet tall and have a wide toe base with a flat arch will these work for me

Ethan Mantel says:

In a few years you will be playing in the NHL… no doubt

peanut4745 says:

Great video man. I wonder If any pro players use them

SparklezLover says:

Your channel has helped me improve my hockey skills thank you so much 🙂

Brady HAMLIN says:

I started skating late in my life, really like your video’s. I’m learning a lot. Keep up the good work.

thesnipeshow27 says:

how much did they cost??

Prime Clan says:

These look amazing but I need help finding a skate that’s not above 250 and I want an intermediate skate I have passed the expectations for someone skating in Bauer one20 but I just need to up my gear any reconditions that are worth the money

shakabe hussain says:

How did u do that turn around the goal at 0:49

flyers10az says:

How do you like these compared to the Mako skates you tested and compared to the new Bauer Totalone MX3?

Shaun Galloway says:

Where can I buy these and what price range for a size 5?

TheGreatMinecraftia says:

really good work i can see how much work u put into all your vids keep it up:) also can u pls help on were to get them i cant find them anywhere thx everyone

Nathan Yates says:

They dont look really good i will stick to getting bauer vapour

Insanity™ says:

Nice video dude ……. you deserve more subscribers for the amount of effort you put in your videos…. my skates are ccm 01 … they are decent and do the job but hopefully in the future i will be able to get a really good skate

frank cee says:

what skates are better for a smaller player the rbzs or apx2

buggld says:

Your video production.. quality.. professionalism… whatever, it’s gone way the fuck up recently.


Hi! May I ask about the holder you have on these skates here. Can you tell me the manufacturer?


who recoreds

Henrik Forsberg says:

How are they holding up after nearly one year?
Were there any problems with the fit? I’m a little scared that, if there’s a little mistake in the measurement, they won’t fit good

Cookie4ever says:

Would you prefer me the bauer shoes ot graf?

cody vogelsang says:

Yo how can I get these skates hockey monkey, total hockey??

gerson reyes says:

Skates look like they are good on the ice  nice video

Ciaran Scott says:

Are ccm vector any good? I am starting hockey and I am thinking about purchasing those skates. By the AMAZING video!

Pavel Barber says:

Great review!
I’m testing these out very soon!

Drew Robertson says:

are you in the eihl please reply

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