VH Custom Hockey Skates Review – 1 Year Later

VH Hockey skates review after 1 year 4 months of use. Recently after picking up a pair of VH skates we released a review sharing our first impressions. After over a year of use, lets see how they are holding up. Join us on Facebook by liking our page http://facebook.com/hockeytutorial

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SoloMan3310 says:

Nice review, but how much hockey do you play? I assume you play a lot and I am really impressed with the durability. Those skates look brand new after a year. I never considered custom skates because I don’t have problems with fit but after looking at your skates, it might be worth it.

Jordan Bennett says:

Do you think these would pair well with those new marsblade ice skate holders they’re about to release?? I have been tossing up getting a pair of mako 2s or the new vapors , but for that price range I feel like the VH skates would be the best option.. love your video’s btw!

Ba Barakas says:

you said the same thing for MLX skates

James Neumann says:

Great review – I’m looking at these now that Graf is out business in North America. Price is reasonable, as getting a high-end boot is at a similar level, and new Graf G7s are getting hard to find.

Hawks Hockey 7 says:

Durability and stiffness is good but you don’t play competitive hockey Chris…


I have to say this: I really enjoy the way you speak (voice, accent, style – snappy, masculine and British).

Zach Prynne says:

He’s based out of winnipeg!

linda li says:

Do you know how much stiffer or how big a difference these skates would be if it was built in with the shot blockers?? thanks!

cok Bagus says:

that price though…

Johnny Meland says:

Can you do a review like this on the Bauer supreme mx3 skates?

flyers10az says:

Any issues with rivets loosening and popping out? I was constantly replacing them on my pair. I must’ve had a bad pair as got rust on all eyelets and both tendon guard rivets broke. Very comfortable skates though.

Matyas Stahl says:

Should i get these skates, or the Bauer 1xLE???

Q Daddy says:

Did you have to pay for the tongues that they sent you?

IlllIIIlllliiIiI says:

what is V haytch?

lucasle11 says:

Nice review, keep the info coming!

Noah Naessen says:

where can i buy them?and can they send them to sweden?


great review. do you think you could do one on the Verbero Vortex Skates?

Anthony Llabres says:

VH hockey boyz don’t answer emails or phone calls. Very frustrating!

saul alvarado says:

Great video. Love the in depth review. How much are these skates?

Tony Nooijens says:

I am missing something here… the link to VH you were talking about 😉 the only links below the video are: http://facebook.com/hockeytutorial

HT Custom Jerseys – http://hockeytutorialstore.com
Twitter – http://twitter.com/hockeytutorial
Instagram http://instagram.com/hockeytutorial

Jānis Liepiņš says:

how many h been on ice?

peanut4745 says:


Edgars Ļebedevs says:

You forgot to mention that they are crazy expensive. Actually I think this is probably the most expensive skate on the market. I could buy Bauer vapor 1X limited edition for 200 bucks cheaper than these.

weens24 says:

Do you prefer the VH skate to the Mako? If so, can you say what is better (i.e. comfort, fit, stiffness)? I’m assuming you do since you bought a second pair. Thanks!

the winnipeg transit fan huang says:

vh is from my city plus they are combined with true

Jon Stark says:

bro your a men’s league player. your skill level isn’t even close to a level where you need a pair of wheels like that. you spend a little over a grand on those. im a level B player and don’t even buy skates that expensive.

Ashlay MacIssac says:

I went to check out a pair from a distributor…they aren’t as light as you make them out to be.

Jimmy Reed says:

Great review, personally I have always loved my Bauer Vapors, I was considering giving these a try but the price is a huge turn off, I understand that they are custom skates and I should assume that they will be pricy but I didn’t expect them to start at $799. Basically all said and done I would pay well over 1k for skates which to me at any level of hockey (except the NHL) is just insane.

Willis Lax says:

Lacrosse gloves?

Frank lefkowitz says:

Can you use these for roller hockey?

Jesse Keller junior says:

How much are they

Jake Fenton says:


Hawks Hockey 7 says:

+Hockey Tutorial When you only skate 1-3 times a week and it’s a men’s league atmosphere, yes it does. Stiffness and durability on any decent would have good stiffness and durability. If you skated 3-5 times a week and it was hard skates in a competitive league this review could be completely different.

Q Daddy says:

Just received my pair the other day and I tried them out for the first time tonight; absolutely phenomenal! Literally no break in time! 10/10 worth every penny

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