Testing out the ICE RINK in my Loft

Testing out the ICE RINK in my Loft

Yes that is correct, I am testing out a Synthetic Ice Rink in my loft thanks to Global Synthetic ICE.

If you know me well you know that I LOVE hockey and have played and officiated for the past 16 years. I love sakting but since focusing on business so much over the past two years I have not gotten much of a chance to hit the rink. Thats when I heard about synthetic ice and though hey that could be cool to own one day.

Well I made it happen, I have a 20×20 synthetic skating surface in my loft as we speak. This first video is just to show you one of the first times I skated on it as well as ask for your questions. Please be sure to use the facebook comment box below to leave your questions. I will use future videos to answer your questions as I review this product.

I have been speaking with their owner to get as much information about how to properly use this product so I can give it a straight up honest review. There were some question I brought up to the owner which have resulted in them already making some changes to the product. That is what its all about, if there is a question or concern you bring it up to the people who are in charge and a good business person will make the changes needed to better the product.

Anyway ive always wanted the loft from the movie BIG and I am defiantly on my way to doing that. Who wants to come skate and break in this sheet with me?


헨리 Nguyen says:

Nice loft.

n0ble says:

i have the same setup, im a goalie theres videos on my channel. and yes it does leave little synthetic shavings everywhere.

Skylar Kakugawa says:

U suck balls

cbakerish says:

Those face ice rinks are very hard on the blades

ToXicFl0w says:

Lol v

Edson Mendieta says:

1:11 skating starts

jesse faulhaber says:

where did u buy this

DanMartinParanormal says:

The person living underneath you must hate your guts…..

autokush says:

how much money was that ?

Dolbz Golf says:


thesherp says:

i would like to know the cost of the the size you have on this video please!

Vlad Pawlowsky Caubet says:

Where did you buy it?

MC ML says:

would love to come and skate on your surface

itshardtospeakwithoutatounge says:

can you hockey stop on this?

Star Wars Studios says:

Does it feel like real ice when you skate?

Feint says:

That’s pretty cool.  I was just talking to my friend about this and joked that you could carpet your apartment with it and BAM someone has apparently done that in this video.  Nice job.

Jack zw says:

you are not a good scatter

bowhunting and vlogs with Riley says:

where do you get it at

Ethan Pennington says:

Where can I get it

Saeed Mohammed says:

is This Real ICe Or FAke ???

KittyWitty8 says:

does it ever melt?

ajmprovidence says:

how do you think goalie pads would slide on it?

Tj Pierce says:

Can I have some

Bianca Branson says:

can I use my figure skates that I use to skate on real ice to skate on synthetic ice?how do I make sure it doesn’t wear out or spoil my figure skates?

Adam Wiley says:

Does it shave the sinthetic ice when you stop

Kaleigh Backstrom says:

I want wan

Spineshot25 says:

Awesome if I live in California, but I live in South Dakota so not a problems

Aaron the Whipper says:

Dumb ass

Ivelina Kr says:

I keep hearing that you can’t skate with figure skates on it because of the toe pick. Is that true?

SuperHockeyman98 says:

i have some they slide great.

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