Synthetic Ice Skates – AGILITY BLADES Review

You all keep asking me what those funny looking wheely skates I’m skating on are. Well, here’s my review!

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rebound master says:

nice skates

KurkkuMopo says:

My god!

Sebitas Giron says:

He lives in Canada

KennySkate55 says:

Can you use them as roller blades?2in1

Ennis Del Mar says:

In what league is he playing in? He’s pretty good right?

Kasey McDowell says:

ice skating is just weird

Salim Badruddin says:

omg so the saying canadians say out is real!

Amero says:

How much cheaper is booking time at a synthetic ice rink over regular ice? I live in the US south, we don’t have anything like that around here.

Paul Thomas says:

Great for Florida, we got so much outdoor ice in Canada it could be hard to envision a Canadian on those!

adka datka says:

Push it AWT

Pavel Barber. says:

Can you use them on ice

AlierAlierTV says:

try it on ice

just being honest says:

i cant even do that with my hands, how am i supposed to do that with a hockey stick. skills

pEEtri Knows says:

RE: Efficiency of sharpening: If the owner purchases a couple of spare sets of wheels (Actually it would be even better if the manufacturer provided two full sets of wheels) then the spare set could be installed while the person sharpens the other set for next use. The spares could be stored on a prong similar to the device a doctor uses to test reflexes, colour coded, or a label system. Also, if you need a custom grind, this could be on that label. I’m not a sk8r, nor play hockey. I solve problems for a living. Cheers, thanks for the awesome video, this type opens the mind to new ideas. PV

Tiffany says:

for a man you really have a small feet lol

nate ivey says:

3mins in and your stick handling is absolutely atrocious…reminds me of some gym hockey fagets.

100eyes says:

I’d be kinda concerned with the amount of plastic you’re breathing in from the synthetic ice.

Honda xr100r rider says:

Your so good

Brian Coolman says:

so special roller blades cool

Craxler says:

So, is this your regular practice routine? If so, how come youre not practicing with any gear on? not even the gloves? wouldnt this make you move abit diffrent in general since youre not encumbered by it?

GeneralShinanagins says:

But what is the point??

Cookie Cook says:

Why don’t you just use real skates those are way too hard to sharpen

SuperAWaC says:

synthetic ice is gross

GoPro MT says:


The Hook says:

Dont have to pay a lot of money for ice time. Unless the prices have dropped significantly in the past few years they were selling these sheets of plastic for 500 bucks a pop. while they do last 15+ years its still not very cost effective to have 20g tied up in a small little surface

С.А. Л. says:

Very clever, innovative invention…

Gage Stewart says:

would they work for goalie skates?

Sami Korhonen says:

It looks like just running normally. And that kinda takes the idea of icehockey

joey_diy vlogs says:


Robby_ S. says:

I want those im gonna buy them

Ace/Alexy says:

What’s the reason you can’t use them on real ice

Glasterz says:

I just noticed that Pavel has a small lisp… no worries though lol

Ryan Liddle says:

synthetic ice = lame

Svante Bro says:

Why the f*ck did I watch this for?

Goorie Henkel says:

How do those agility blades handle on real ice? Must be even less friction than a single blade. no?

nengstro says:

Well…… the question is more – WHY SYNTHETIC ICE?

TheJumpingJake says:

‘you should hear a clicking sound as it pops back in’
video editor – ‘fuck it, we’ll just mute it’

MrAlshallal says:

I wonder how good would they be on ICE?!?!?!

Magoogers says:

agility blades on ice

Tylerish101 says:

ten out of ten this guy should get dex skill cape, that dex is lvl 100 for sure. How did you level up so quick?

Suga Kookies says:

What the frick is ‘synthetic ice??’ Like what does that even feel like lmao

Matt Williams says:

You cant really call it a review when it’s your product or you are sponsored by the product.

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