Synthetic Ice Review – HockeyShot Extreme Glide

Ice is from HockeyShot:

Synthetic ice is an alternative to real ice for people who want to skate at home. This is a great idea for people who want to make an indoor skating surface without having to pay to keep real ice.

Synthetic ice is great for basements and garages. You can also use Synthetic ice in warm climates and build an outdoor hockey rink

In the video I talk about what it feels like to skate on synthetic ice, how to maintain it and the price.

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Jake Bursk says:

The cringe i got from watching him step on material other than ice. Just think if he was were doing that on concrete, uhh the cringe.

John Mattick says:

Not to mention it’s great for goalies too, just get a net and enough tiles to make a crease and you’re good

flij says:

I have the money for this and i’d use it every day, but I dont have the space…

Talan Booker says:

How do I make one in Florida

Alfie Ford says:

what do you do for a living

Jason Bingham says:

I’m just starting any tips

Dloweification says:

What do you mean self-lubricating? You mentioned it, then said you would explain it and finished your explanation by just saying its self lubricating again =/

Noah Podgursky says:

You and pavel barber are like brothers. He is the stick handling god and you are the agility god

The sniperkings says:

I hate that ice it’s horrible

andy Green says:

The moment when you realize the goal costs more than the synthetic ice lol

Airchopper MCTTR says:

Hey Jeremy, would you recommend this to goalies for practicing while a player is taking shots on you?

Brandon Stumpf says:

can you inline skate on the synthetic ice


Can you estimate how many hours of skating between sharpening? 1, 2, 4, ?

TruewoC says:

Wouldn’t you rather roller blade

Rage Master says:

slick hands

Jake DeBella says:

Is a 12×16 a good size for me to practice being a goalie? Also do I need boards? And lastly, does the synthetic ice ruin goalie pads? Thanks.

emily hornsby says:

jearmy why does your setup look so small?

lucas harten says:

hey, you said the plastic was self lubricating, can you elaborate a bit more on that? You also mentioned with other synthetic ice brands you need to sweep the shavings more often? i was watching your skates and you seemed to be kicking up quite a bit of shavings when you are making your stops.

Reilly Brennan says:

I’ve got a question, when I’m practicing in my driveway on a shooting pad, I go bar down every time easily, but when I go on the ice, it’s a lot harder to

Tyler Hayes says:

What skates are those and do u have a review on them

XR-2 Gaming says:

You should do a review of agility blades

WarriorOfHonor16 says:

think someone would be better off just using a pair of crappy skates solely for the synthetic rink?

Barry Hedberg says:


Cael Oppegaard says:

It would be awesome to train with you

Parmjeet Brar says:

I might get this, but only for stick handling

Ольга Яшкина says:

How much dose it kaust

Rick Nash says:

Hey Jeremy, just packing the bags getting ready for Nashville, gonna be a tough one. Listen, saw this video and thought that your synthetic ice is a bit insane? I mean, me and Marty in one hour would tear that floor up to the concrete. My question is what would happen during your practice if you try and stop because the floor is rough, you could dig down through the ice and ultimately end up in your sharp corner and crack your skull against the boards in the corner. That’s about it, getting ready for my flight. Take care! P.S Come to Brampton and check out my setup, real ice in my fathers garage. Don’t worry about a stick, we got plenty of them here. Can you play goalie? We have the equipment. Good luck, mate! Nasher

Edgars Ļebedevs says:

So the skates get dull in 1 hour ???

hhhunt777 says:

I want to try this out before a purchase. Any suggestions?

Zach Fisher says:

Dose it feel like ice

marpa says:

here I am in my garage with my Lamborghini and my synthetic ice…

Jon Keller says:

I guess you can’t use this outside?

D Nelson says:

If you use a hard surface floor clearner (I use a hoover floormate.. about 100 bucks) with warm water, it really cleans most of the grit, grime,  and sand off the surface and will prolong skating time until your baldes go completely dull. 

sasuke uchiha says:

Where can I get it

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