Superfeet Yellow Fit To Trim Ice Hockey & Ice Skating Footbed Review

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Ever experienced foot, leg or back pain while skating? who hasn’t ! but have you ever thought your skates footbed could be the cause?

Superfeet Yellow Fit To Trim Ice Hockey & Skating Footbed Review


CaptainFantastik1 says:

Dude, you put out some quality review/tutorial vids. Just wanted you to know and give you positive feedback.

WalksWithTurkeys says:

I tried some in my Bauer S160s, but for me they do not work. The problem is that they lift my heels up, and pull my toes back, which ruins the fit of the skate, and causes discomfort. It’s a shame as I need arch support to help my knees. I don’t suppose you’ve tried Bauer speed plates? They look like they might provide arch support without lifting the heel.

tqsuited says:

I purchased these for my then-new skates as I was experiencing terrible pain in the arch and forefoot. Initially they seemed to help, but then the pain was returning. These insoles, despite the curved support, are just too thin. I also purchased some cheap generic flat insoles to put underneath, to add some thickness. They helped but the pain still wasn’t solved. I took both insoles out and purchased sports insoles with contoured support and a cushioned gel heel pad (meant for regular running shoes). I had to trim around, it wasn’t a perfect fit like the superfeet but squeezed them in. It took a couple of sessions to “break” them in but boy, they are so much better.. my feet no longer hurt. And only cost a fraction i paid for the superfeet. The brand i got was “footcare” ultra sport insoles, I highly recommend over superfeet.

kissmarton says:

When I skate I have a serious arch pain. I have a flexlite 7. What kind of footbeds should I take?


can i use regular footbeds you can buy in a non-skate shop?

Gaming4Noobs says:

got superfeet since 3 year and I love them ! 😛

gstarsk8star says:

Happy with mine chris. Took about 20 mins to get used to as I have v flat feet. Outside edges felt a lot more stable. Did have arch to big toe pressure pain in my left foot after about an hour though hoping this is just my feet getting used to these. As this pain is the reason I bought these lol :-).

Hockey Tutorial says:

@Shecki603 Yes i have, they are fitted into my MLX and they work wonders, no more cramps and arch pain.

Justmadethisemailtotalkshit Last says:

I put those bad boys on my mx3 skates pretty good…I just bought the Ccm ones too so let’s see which one better. Have a low/mid arch

Philip Alexander says:

Hi curious, i’m a 6’3″ 260lb male. Size 11skate. Mid-Arch. Have the Nexus 7000 skate. Need a new insole, feet getting a little sore after an hour. Is SuperFeet Yellow the way to go? Or is there a better insole available today?

kadie1414 says:

I get a big blister on my arch only on one foot. Will these help that?

Agility Bolt says:

I purchased superfeet insoles for my Hockey skates about a month ago…And I couldn’t believe how much they helped my Skating ability,I swear It feels like I gained 10% on my overall skating which helped me improve my game.

Hockey Tutorial says:

its always best to use footbeds intended for sports and skating

marco huss says:

Which is better these or shock doctor skate?

PSNCnation says:

These didnt work out well for me i like the graf sidas footbed alot better

Shecki says:

Have you had any time in these yet? Curious how they worked out for you and how they felt.

Jake Martin says:

What is the difference between yellow and grey footbeds

Klarke says:

I have flat feet and I have been putting up with arch pain for years, I think these are just what I need to go with my new skates. However I am not sure whether to get the E’s or F’s, I wear a size 9 Reebok 14K skate and I was wondering whether you could give me any advice as I know you have fitted a pair of these to your White K’s.

ThePleyground says:

what would you suggest for pain in the balls of your feet

Hockey Tutorial says:

@kissmarton Go with these, they are great at improving comfort and reducing or totally removing pain

Greg magee says:

should I rebake my skates if I put in a new insole?

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