Sharpening skates in my KITCHEN

The Sparx skate sharpener just arrived. I show you how to set it up and I sharpen my skates in the kitchen.
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Sparx review:
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farmrrick says:

In the 80’s in Minnesota we had machines at the rink where you’d pay a buck a skate and they did a great job . I think the maintenance on the machine was too much trouble but they did a great job. Some liked them some didn’t but I thought they worked great , just dull them a little when they got out of the machine and away you go.

TheDp1965 says:

You opened that box like a surgeon.. LMAO!

NeoN pRo says:

It kind of looks like a printer

Jasdeep says:

1:33 lool

Jesse Neufeld says:

Do a give away for one

Brent Yoo says:

Can these sharpen goalie skates too?

headlessgamer100 says:

how do you not have more subs

Little Black Dog Productions says:

this is so sick!

Brian Banks says:

JEREMY, HOW DID YOU GET 3 RINGS???  Sorry for cap lock

Ceddesokk says:

my coach sharpen my skates faster.

Twig_ Heaven says:

This this is SWEET. Great follow up video!

Ethan Mcelhinney says:

Does this work for goalie skates?

C.M.S vlogs says:

hi Jeremy i m 11 years old about to be 12 on April 23 I just finished my first year of organised hockey my mom can t afford to put me in hockey camps or power skating so do you have any tips for to become like that guy nick who made triple A in two years thanks

Remy TV says:

How did they turn out?

Johnathon Nunn says:

How much did it cost?

Patrick Holzschuh says:

April fools!…. oh, wait

bert s. gatchalian says:

A couple of my friends bought one but it hasn’t shipped yet. I’m sure it sharpens fine but the thing I’m worried about is that it doesn’t finish off the toe like a manual sharpener…or maybe that’s a preference thing. Looking forward to seeing your review.

Kevin Peeples says:

You should start being a Dailey vloger

Nate Uscinowicz says:

How much do these go for in the U.S.?

[GD] Karebu219 says:

How much was it?

Paynan says:

This is next level

288theabe says:

Sad to say, boys, but that kid can already wheel and dangle honeys better than all of us combined.

Thomas Harbauer says:

Canadian Baptisim

TheMrShmugs says:

Is there a cross grinder at all?

Mike D. says:

Your parents have a dope crib! Just kidding Jeremy, you have a nice house. Thanks for posting this video!

jake says:

ur kid is a huge pimp

Jonathan Cristao says:

Do they have a ring with 3/8

Luca Torresan says:

Question what was the Duties and Taxes after it shipped to Canada?

Josh Schonland says:

awww i want one. hahaha

Judah Coffie says:

the baby’s cute

Puck_stopper 31 says:

I wonder if these will work with tendy skates

Wannabe HockeyPRO says:

that women looks like my sis

Mark Buch says:

Giday Jeremy
Will the sparkz skate sharpener fit in a large type suitcase ?
Gunna get one when we are in New York and transport back to Aus

dj zuen says:

your baby is so cute – ^-^

JKHockey says:

it looks a lot like a printer

David S says:

looks like a futuristic photocopier

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