Reebok White K Ice Hockey Skates Details Video Review – What I liked and didn’t like

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Review of the Reebok White K Ice Hockey Skates. These skates are easily the best selling skates of 2012, so lets find out exactly what can you expect to get from them. I’ll go over the features of the white k and I’ll also go over what I liked and didn’t like.


Kyle Morelli says:

I have wide feet do you have any that you can recommend?

Jameel Saleem says:

waiting for the ups guy to drop mine off today. very excited

Ilovegames says:

Are they the same size that you would ware on a normal shoe..

NJDI100 says:

Whats the link for the bolts please

Edgars Juunis says:

are they the same 6k, only with added features?

Rafał B Goode says:

how long it took for you to learn the stop on your weak side?

curtmastor says:

awesome channel, and I was hoping to find a review on this skate. you mention either here or on youre page that the white k has durability issues if you skate out often. im getting back into hockey in a beer league, and am either buying these or the 14k. other than the cool white option here, the 14k seems like a better skate and only 50 dollors more. btw im 6’0″180 and am planning on skating atleast a couple times a week. would you reccomend id spring for the 14or would the white k hold up

bader al says:

These skates are bad, first time I put them in the ice and I can feel lace bite

Protesen Schmied says:

hey i wanted to ask you if i should take those ones for 90 $ or graf skates for 150 $ ?

Marc Daniel R'bibo says:

I have a new Bauer shoes and it is the vapor dynamic speed and x200

Hockey Tutorial says:

Check out Puckstop. com

101Surge says:

I watched your video on picking skates and i’m a little confused as to what I should be buying.  I have no experience skating, but i’m also a heavier build. (220lbs) I’m not entirely sure what stiffness skates I should be getting. Would you recommend these skates? If not, do you have any other recommendations? Also, my feet are flat, so i’m looking for advice/suggestion on choosing a skate based on that as well. 

Klomberg Does Nerf says:

Where did you get them?

dan banan says:

Hey Chris, Great Review. I am very interested in buying a pair of these because of their huge bundle of features for a low price, but I am unsure of what size would be best for me; I am a UK 9.5-10, what size would you recommend for the best fit?

Hockey Tutorial says:

Yes you can use that sizing as a reference when buying your Bauer skates. All manufacturers do fit slightly differently so its always worth trying them on where possible.

jhony2532 says:

Hi i’m john and i like this skate but now little bit affraid because the blade gonna pop out!? I’m would buy a pair of good skates because i would like to start extreme skateing tricks and sometimes play hockey.
Could you recommend skates top 250$ price range.
thank you!

Hockey Tutorial says:

They will have a slightly different shape as they are different manufacturers. Thanks for watching.

Hockey Tutorial says:

That sucks, I wish i posted this video much sooner to help other users know of the issues. I only know of stores in the UK that offer replacements, perhaps eBay? they only come one size so any E-Pro bolt will be find. Otherwise check out Puckstop. com.. they sell them for only £1.50


hi Merry Christmas first of all i want to say that this is such a good review cause you actually did mention the bad points of these skates which no many people do on youtube.
I want to buy bauer supreme one.6 skates but apparently i can only buy them only on ebay. ive tried the reebok white K and found out my size was 10.5 EE. can i use this size to buy the bauer supreme one.6 i really dont want to mess up the size and im not too sure if i can trust the size chart online thnx bro!!!

هـ. says:

These reebok are worth 133 dollars only for two weeks

J Claxton says:

Where can you get those bolts/screws (on the holder) that you have said can easily loosen?  Also, is there a specific size ratchet/wrench that you can get to tighten them? 

Olliee Wildsmith says:

I’m no ice hockey player but I am a regular skater and I do the freestyling art and I’ve got these for christmas, I will get back to you on my opinion of them

Hockey Tutorial says:

Definitely move up to the 14K I don’t see this lasting you very long at all. They are a good skate provided the correctly suited skater uses them. Mine are already dead :p Thanks for watching and supporting my video/channel. I hope you’ll share it around with others. Don’t forget to check out the website and forum page I’ve set up.

ModsXPaintball says:

I am somewhat new to skating and I’m a size 12 in shoe size but I’m currently using a size 9r supreme one.4 skate and they are still too big for me feet… I want to get theses skates but my question is what size do you think I should get beacuse I have to get theses online and dont want to send them back 5 times to get the right size..
if you have any advice that would be great thanks

Hockey Tutorial says:

First name that comes to mind is the Supreme range from Bauer, they are designed to have a slightly wider fit.

Edy Best says:


What would you prefer ? WHITE K or 26 K ? And which are the differences ?

Nathan and Fern says:

How would you rate these skates on a scale 1-10? With one being lowest and ten being highest? Thinking of getting these skates, changing from the Ovi CCM Vector 10.0 Se skates? Thanks

Hockey Tutorial says:

Yes please do, it would be great to hear what you think as you’ll have them too.

Russell Sapp says:

I cant wear Bauer skates my foot is too thick/wide and they are just too painful. I bought a pair of the Bauer 150 supreme’s, and I couldn’t skate in them I was in so much Paine and couldn’t bare it. Returned them and got the White K’s and couldn’t be more satisfied. The funny part is is that everyone at my local shop turned me away from them and pointed me to the Bauer’s saying Reebok is trash. Just shows that the best skate is the skate your comfortable in and can make you preform at full potential. Everyone’s opinion is different and I originally wanted the White K’s because they were comfortable but the workers turned me away from them because they did not like them. I’m dumb for listening. 

Korekcija says:

I have Bauer Vapor X1.0 Ice skates, and i have problem with my right foot ankle.
My ankle really hurts after skating for a while, and it feel liek it pushes my ankle too hard… So i am thinking if these reebok white K will help my ankle problem? Becouse i want to skate a lot, but with the ankle pain from my skates is just too much…

Fares Younis says:

I’m in 2016 Nova Scotia Halifax where can I get a pair of those

ahbroody says:

do these fit the same as say the CCM U+ 10?

Olliee Wildsmith says:

I love the support these skates give you, they do lock your foot down into the skate very well but having the lace lock has caused me to feel lace bite which is horrid, and having the pump, pumped up to much, it gives me cramps in my feet. I have scraped away some of the material from taking sharp turns which im trying to prevent now. Apart from the bad points, I have enjoyed skating with these and I am happy I chose these! They do the job for me

Hockey Tutorial says:

I’d give these skates a 6 out of 10 from my personal experience. Keep in mind your skating ability and build will effect your performances and experience in these skates. If you need more advice, please join my forum page and post any questions there for a quick reply.

Hockey Tutorial says:

There were a few things that I was unhappy about that I had to share. Thanks for watching by the way.

Hockey Tutorial says:

Thanks for watching, I hope you’ll share my videos and subscribe.

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