Original Easton Mako Skates vs Mako II Hockey Skates Review – Compared

Original Easton Mako skates compared to the new Mako II Hockey Skates. Lets find out what has been upgraded and changed on the new MAKO II Skates.


Ray Allen says:

I have a pain just below my toes in the original makos that I got just a month ago but when I loosen the bottom 3 laces it goes away but have more movement. What should I do?

Blake Morris says:

Im 5’11” and 140 pounds should i get the origanal makos or vapor x100s i went in my local proshop and they both fit my foot weel

natty15d says:

great review, production value has really come on. did make me laugh that you reviewed Easton Skates while wearing a Bauer shirt. 😉

ENRICO M. says:

Do you think that is better the Mako II or the 1?

Nategrt1 says:

MAKO II vs M8? thanks!

Geno_Grondin21 says:

Chris could I put some black steel for this skate

laronda10 says:

are those different size’s

MyStupidLaptop says:

LOL a Bauer shirt

King Skarekrow says:

What skates would you reccomemd for someone learning the basics of skating and playing in a contact rec league. I am 5’11 200lbs.

Ciaran Scott says:

I am 14 is it to late to start? But I also have EDS can I still play?

Hockey Man says:

So…. Nothing changed lol

Uppercornerhockey says:

bad ass dude!  I can’t skate in that aggressive skate… i am old and upright lol

MyStupidLaptop says:

My name!

nhlhockeyman8 says:

bauer still number one with skates 

jordan plumb says:

reviewing Easton skates wearing a Bauer top 🙂

Matt Rukamp says:

Very informative reviews man, much appreciated! 

NovaRedBaron says:

Thank you for this video. I intend on purchasing a pair of Mako II’s soon.
Your videos are very well done and informative.

mark anderson says:

What is the skate that is closest to the Mako now that Easton no longer makes them?

Dhjsbsjabajdbfjfb says:

Do a mako m8 review

Kyle Andersen says:

great vid chris! its great to know the differences between the two skates!

NJDI100 says:

Great vid will be getting these

Leonardography says:

The original Makos are crap. I got one shot onto the heel and they broke (hurt like a bitch btw). But to be honest that is not a surprise. Easton used GFRP (Glasfiber reinforced plastic) The Glasfibers were metalized with aluminum thats why they look silver. Fortunately they went with real CFRP (carbonfiber reinforced plastic) for the Mako II and hopefully they are more reliable.
My recommendation – DON’T BUY THE MAKO I – I am really dissatisfied 

njt002 says:

Excellent review, excellent presentation.  Nice work!

Danny Hsu says:

Great review of the Mako Skate.. I’ve had original Mako for 4 month and it was just as you mentioned the ankle padding broken down to no support at all and also slight rubbing just above my ankle area. As a result I was lucky the store replaced me with a pair of Mako II which was the first pair they got and happens to be my size.

Had a skate for the first time in Mako II last night and I can immediately feel the padding insert was better firm material compared to Original Mako, also the thicker more flexible tongue was a lot more comfortable yet having good responsiveness.

Easton have done a great job with Mako II, eliminating all the issues and downside of Original Mako Skate!

James Downing says:

I didn’t know that much had been changed. Good to see a video like this dude ur vids rock

Andy S Tan says:

Hi guys, I played ice hockey since I was 12 years old. I want to start playing again, The last time I played was 2005. What is the best skates that you can recommend for me, my budget is around 150-200 dollars. I was using Bauer supreme 5000 and then CCM Pro Tacks 2004 back in the days :). Thx before 🙂

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