New Skate Prep: Why you Should Bake New Skates

It’s common for hockey players to get pain in their feet after buying new hockey skates. Bauer sent me a brand new pair so I thought I’d do a series of videos on how to get new skates fitting properly and eliminate as much pain as possible. In this video I visit a local hockey shop and talk to Glen Sharpley who has fitted and sharpened thousands of pairs of skates. In the next video we will talk about foot beds and in the last video we will cover profiling hockey skates.

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Bohdan Trypolets says:


Christopher Dana says:

I hate how you see these super knowledgeable people on youtube, but when you go to the shop all you get is “oh, that’s normal, it’ll break in” smh where are these super-knowledgeable people in NY?

I’m a 9EE in Bauer Nexus. My first pair was a 10EE which fit fine until they broke in fully, then they were too lose. Turns out the 9EE is a prefect length (toes brush toe cap, but slide back in hockey stance) but my feet hurt like hell along the inner arch and the outside of my foot. They feel too narrow. Normal until they break in?

Jacob Micah says:

Foot pain is almost non existent when you’re properly fitted to the right boot, size, width, and support.

General DC says:

That’s a nice shop

Jacoby Russell says:

I don’t play hockey but I use my skates to mess around on my pond and I get pain in the bridge of my foot what should I do?

Catherine Williams says:

I put my new goalie skates in the Sparx skate sharpener

Ben Spanier says:

When I got my ft1s I baked them and they never hurt


Who here is a “cheap skate” 3:45

Bohdan Trypolets says:

Are you in the U.S.A. Because I am in Canada

TorpedoBased Cyko says:

Hi, I’m planning to get Bauer S150 and I’m not too sure if I should bake it as it is a Recreational Skate
What are the tips I should take note of?

Ryley Stang says:

Very cool what is your favourite number

capitalmedic says:

I got Bauer 800 skates a couple months ago. I have worn them about once a week. They tend to hurt in the arch area quite a bit. Baking helped a little but pain is still an issue. Would an insert help?

Coach Jeremy says:

Baking skates is just the first step, we have another video on the way covering footbed options and a third on profiling your blades. Hit that subscribe button, I’m adding new hockey videos every week

arnarne says:

Is it 200 degrees celsius och farenheit….?

Pitur says:

Can i bake 1S second time ? I made a little mistake during first time. After about 3-4 minutes sitting i stand up for maybe just 10 seconds and i think now they are just a little bit too loose. It’s not big deal its ok. Now i think about bake them second time and lace without sock. Shit i shouldn’t stood up :))))). Bauer don’t have Fit Machine like CCM it helps a lot, bad Bauer bad. Sory for my bad americanish.

Paolo Delia says:

Hi Jeremy, I’m a young starter (50 y.o.) ice hockey player and I’m watching all of your fantastic videos, from the foundamentals of skating to How to take a shot. I’ve just bought a pair of Bauer Vapor X60 skates, would you recommend to bake them or not?
Thank you coach!

Carlo De la Vera says:

Hey I got new skates and after baking them I got huge blisters. Is that normal? It’s never happened to me before…

Jason Dhaliwal - Clark Boulevard PS (1408) says:

Hey i have jetspeed skates

sdushdiu says:

A custom orthotic provides dramatically greater improvement in fit and function than any moldable upper boot.

Adrian Bennett says:

Hey coach I already do

John says:

My fat ass feet are still killing me in my Bauer Nexus skates. How tight do y’all lace the mid section of your skates? I lace the ankle as tight as a nun’s chuff with no problem but the middle of my foot hurts.

Lsatq says:

seems like the whole time the guy was kinda pissed that you didn’t buy the skates from him.

PaperTop says:

Every time I go ice skating I get heel pain on my right foot but doesn’t happen to my left foot “Weird”
The on my left foot I get the pinkie toe pain. But goes away.
When I increase the size I get ankle pain.
I guess pain for life.
I use the ice arena shoes where everybody wears.
Pain and broke instead of dumb and broke

lacrosse fan/toronto rock says:


majmunbez gaca says:

is there any point to baking a 100 dolar skates 😀 ? is it even doable ? im just a casual skater…

Mitch Rowley says:

Hi there. Brilliant video and plain english!

Many thanks

Alex Caissie says:

Olivier ok

Chris C says:

Hey jeremy just trying to figure out how many sizes down people actually go…what shoe size are you and then skate size? Thanks

Jayhee vidz says:

Why i always loose the feel in my toes after skating for more than an hour? Like they go totally numb. It sucks

Caleb Knapp says:

What is the camera you are using?

Adrian Bennett says:

I’m 11

Ivo Peev says:

You probably mean 200 F, not 200 C ? (for viewers from Europe it may be game-changing 🙂

TheRealSkyFlight says:

I just got Bauer X400 skates and they’re really comfortable except for the inside of my ankle bones, even though I’m wearing wool socks over my combat socks. I’ve hit the ice for about two hours with them so far and they’re my first pair of personal skates, is there a way to fix that pain I’m having or is this a result of needing to break them in.

Hockey Boy says:

May have missed it but where is the store

Justin Wise says:

why the fuck couldn’t I have been born in Canada?

AncientPredator 76 says:

300 to 400 dollar skates for kids actually very expensive and good. I got these vapor skates for 520$ but they were on sale for 400$. And my other skate was to small and i was just so used to it, i didn’t know that I needed new ones, and when I got them (and wore them ) I realized that the skate was too small it was a nexus size 1 and I was a supreme 3 but I felt better with vapor 3 so yeah

Theo 80126 says:

Jeez, Beautiful shop he has there. I’m jealous!

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