New Figure Skates + Breaking Them In! | Adult Figure Skating Progress/Journey

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1:26 When I finally start comparing the skates -.-
2:13 Overview of Jackson Mystiques
2:22 Comparing Mark II and Aspire blades
3:14 Differences in boot shapes, heel & stiffness ratings
4:40 Comparison chart/summary thing for Jacksons vs Risports
6:05 Warm up, edge drills, sequences
7:48 Jumps day 1-2
8:33 Spins day 1-2
10:12 Post-skate reflections

And here we have it, I finally have new skates to share with you all 😀 I’m feeling stronger, more supported and bit by bit I’m feeling like my old excited-to-be-on-the-ice self again. Feel free to post any questions you have in the comments below 🙂 Thank you so so much for 700 subs! 😀 I love you guiz :3

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Sharbani Mukhopadhyay says:


Happy Girl says:

I just got new skates too!

Avalerie 696 says:

I honestly love my new skates, but the breaking in process kind of makes me hate it? I don’t know

olive4naito says:

I was told that Risports are for larger toes but Jacksons are a bit narrow aren’t they? Were you wearing a wider version of the Mystiques?

ABJKLMRS Akagami Ali says:

The stiffness of boots are not consistent between brands as I’ve noticed. When I was looking at new skates, the Jackson Elle (Stiffness 35) was just as stiff as the Edea Overture (Stiffness forty something). That’s why wheb I first looked online I thought the Elles were going to be too soft, but I discussed it with Jackson themselves and they said it was fine for a singles and even the doubles!

Justin Parrigin says:

YAYYYYY! I’m so happy for you! I looked at Risport for a good amount of time (and Edea…) but still ended up keeping Jackson. Keep us updated how the skates are 🙂 ! Re-adjusting to the new boots and blades are a pain, heck I know I’m STILL adjusting to my blades lol. Best of luck! 🙂

superpuddleducks says:

Hey it’s great you’ve got new skates!! I had thought in your past videos that you were seriously pushing the boundary of your Mystiques, although we all have to start somewhere! I started with £20, 2nd hand RF4s which were the wrong size, but I appreciate my Ice Flys all the more now! Looking good on your first couple of outings with your new babies, don’t forget that the rocker will probably be different on your new blades so as well as getting them aligned correctly you’ll have to learn to spin on your new blade profile too. It took me almost a year to get 100% used to my new rocker going from coronation ace to gold seal (although that change is pretty extreme). Finally where is the first rink you are on? I don’t remember other videos being filmed there? It is big and QUIET! Normally you’re trying to avoid crashing into kids in your videos! Skate at that first rink more!!! Good luck with the rest of the breaking in process! 🙂

Kenzie Cummings says:

I’m getting Jackson Freestyles tomorrow and I’m so excited because right now I have Reidell Opals and they are not stiff at all and the blades are really dull.

Julia Rottluff says:

How long did it take you in the end to break the boots in? I just started to break in my rf3 pros after skating in boots with literally no stiffness at all and it’s such a change. I was happy that after an hour I was able to do a waltz jump again but I was not confident enough to try my other jumps since I couldn’t bend my knee that much. It’s just a little frustrating.

Gillian says:

Do yoou find these skates more comfortable now that they are broken in? i have the mystiques and i find them very painful. i think part of my issue is i have high arches in my feet. im trying to decide if its worth getting different skates.

Insyira Hasri says:

I realised you’ve used GD’s songs a few times are you a VIP? ;_;

Ev A. says:

this is great! i was just looking for more info on rf3’s but this was perfect because i currently skate in mystiques!! 🙂 super excited to get them now :))

Itachi's Dango says:

Nice video.
But weren’t you scared of overbooting? I mean you went from Stiffness Rating 15 which is like almost no support lol to the super stiff 60 ?

Leni says:

Thanks for taking us with you on your figure skating journey, it’s very helpful to me. You pronounce “Risport” with a German i sound though, I believe, so you would say “Reesport”.

Suesan Grabia says:

I switched from Jackson mystiques to Jackson freestyle and the padding was soooooooo much more thicccccccc

Kieran Alexander says:

I’m subscribing just because you’re Australian. Also, because you’re a figure skating channel, but mostly because you’re Australian

Usui Takumi says:

You’ve became so goood!!!

Xiomara Garcia says:

Thanks for sharing your updates!

sillyant113 says:

blade realignment is a long and painful process T-T Be patience and you will be rewarded!

Ace McCartney says:

I just switched from Jackson to Risport and the difference in blade placement has totally thrown me! I later found out that Risport positioning is where the blade is actually meant to be, but it depends on whether or not you have a pronation I guess n_n
Happy skating! X

Maria says:

I know u didn’t start long ago but I think after u get used to your new skates, maybe see if u can speed up your spins bc ik when I do a camel or a toe loop it helps when I put more force n speed into it. Idk if u already do that I’m just going off this video. But u are progressing so fast n I’m happy to see people going into figure skating, I hope u keep going! Also is it just me or whenever my coach isn’t looking I land jumps or do spins well n then I show her and it ends up looking like trash. Even in competitions I feel like I’m doing bad which tbh I probably am.

Nightcore B3ats says:

I’ve just stated skating to I’m so happy im able to watch someone grow it gives me confidence x

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