Hey guys, it’sa me, Tiago the French Inline Skater! and take a look at mah new skates hehe =w= !


Gissela La . Al says:

I need a video of you trying them! Please!!

Dire Wolfy says:

Hey, Im also an inline skater. I came here off of furaffinity

amusement420 says:

I played roller hockey. you did the right thing using waxed laces they stay in place a lot better. you bend forward a lot in hockey which is why they’re made like that. you also made a good choice with Bauer.

Diego Torrejon says:

Really glad I found your channel

James Mackey City Skater says:

so I was thinking about you. And here is one of the videos I came across that might be motivating. They are called the Toronto ice skating group. here is the link. It seems like it would be more your style. They are awesome! 🙂

Delfin says:

I’m a hockey player and I haven’t really been inline skating much. I’m trying to get back into it because its summertime soon. Do you know any inline skates that are not too expensive? I would want to get into freestyle skating.

Joshua R. H. Parsons says:

I actually wear the Bauer X500R inlines for my city skating. I switched from aggressive skates to hockey skates when I was nineteen or twenty. Regardless, good skates, Tiago.

D-brez says:


Luiz Fernando says:

Legal, muito bonito seu patins, aguardando seus videos com a nova aquisiçao… says:

Nice intro/commentary to your new ice skates. In the ice skate vid you mentioned you were thinking about getting ice blades for your freestyle skates, what made you decide against them? I’ve been thinking about getting them myself.

HeatherPilarMusic says:

What size of hockey skates are you wearing? I might buy hockey skates online because there’s no hockey store here

Kyle Kim says:

I’m kinda late on this video, but just letting you know… there are FREESTYLE ice skates, too.

TheMrkman10 says:

Can you upload more often?

Prasad Raut says:

Hey, the Vapor X500 are also my first ice hockey skates 🙂 . I am a beginner ice hockey skater, also looking forward to learn inline skating.

Erick Tellez says:

Hey Bro. I found the solution to your problem, Ice Blades! (:

Damon Hoppe says:

My first ice skates will be blades on seba frx 80s

P G says:

Nice skates, I think I’m gonna go with the Bauer Supreme S160’s but i’m not sure if they have the removable blade… I hope your skating goes well!

Over Analytics says:

Make a video with these skates on ice!!

Kloudygirl says:

so adorable!

Martin Hibbert says:

If you go ice skating regularly then try the higher end skates.
In your size shoe you could get a pair of box sized bauer vapour x700 for around 200 euros.
These are carbon fibre too, as a carbon guy also I like the stiffness that they give and these ice skates may be better.

You also mentioned the laces, look for Blue Sports titanium laces, they come in different colours and sizes, I wear red on my right and white on my left

JacK says:

I really enjoy these small short vlogs if you find them easy please can you make more, thanks. I love how fast and efficient you reply to your subscribers 😀

Jimmy Yong says:

why dont you try seba ice with ur seba?

Rolling Dubai Guy! says:

Nice skates. I’m from Canada and I play hockey but I’m not great by Canadian standards. Still, I like the Vapor line. All good freestyle ice dance skaters use hockey skates. You’ll be good on these based on what I’ve seen of your inline freestyle skating. Enjoy!

Peter Negan says:

the blade will last longer than the boot will.

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