Mid range vs Top Pro Level hockey skates comparison – What is the difference

What is the difference between Mid range vs Top Level hockey skates? In this video we explain what you need to know. Make your own synthetic ice training space! Small or large https://xtraicehome.com/product/synthetic-ice-surfaces/affte/HockeyTutorial/

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TheRaienryuu says:

So I’ve been watching all these skate reviews, buying tips etc etc. But it just all seems to be the same to me, aside from the obvious performance/material and comfort differences that come with higher prices. What would you recommend for me to get for the new season? I’m on the ice at least once a week for about 4-5 hours at a time. I maybe get off 2 times for a drink. I’m around 1.85cm, 80-85Kgs with shoesize 43(8 for US)my feet do tend to be bigger than normal in width and some height, depending on the shoebrand. I’m fine with spending up to 300$ for a new pair. (if it turns out what I need costs more, that’s fine. I’ll wait an extra month to buy them)

Hope some actually knowledgeable people could help me out here 🙂

Dawud Charlton says:

You can’t buy hockey talent

daryl wizzard says:

Cheerio hip hip

Mary Durst says:

You need to do goalie skates

Evil little Lloyd says:

You’re channel is amazing

TheMXinsidE says:

2s pro vs as1 Let’s goooooo!

Tim Hollenback says:

Where can you get a leather hone for the blades?

Julien Ebacher says:

AS1 > 2s pro

VB06Hokie says:

Would love to see a video on the different types of blades on the market. LS4/LS5/Step steel/Tydan DLC/Massive Blade

botpixel says:

as always, great video!

Ni Ze says:

Hey chris! What are some cons from the black steel? My trusted hockey store told me that they are kind of gimmicky and once the coating breaks (due to stepping on a stone or what not) you’ll have to toss the steel! Any thoughts? Thanks for the video!

Ziggy Smith says:

can you do the 2n pro

jassim rahma says:


J V says:

I loved the RBK Pump series and would love to see a similar video comparing the current RibCor line. 64k up to 70k.

Sean Watts says:

Would you guys consider doing a video comparing something like the 2s pro and 2s? Top price point and second price point

Cole Brennan says:

Do a video on the 2s pro

MD Supreme says:

Unless you are a pro 800 dollars for skates just isnt worth it.

Ryan Hutcheson says:

Like if you see the vine shirt

Matt Harris says:

I was told by an employee of a sports store when I bought a pair of skates that I should tighten the screws in the plastic blade holder “every few games” is there truth to that or no? The front screw on one of my skates won’t tighten anymore, I feel like tightening the screws doesn’t do anything.

Love your channel and everything you’re doing. Keep up the great work!

Brandon says:

speaking from experiance here the black steel is just a gimmick. steel still rusts, still needs sharpening the same amount. nothing special. Ya they are better than the loswest model of steel but they are not special or worth upgrading for.


I moulded my skates but they still hurt my feet sometimes do you think I need to tie my laces a lot tighter

Trevor Pike says:

Do a best skate for the price video

m mui says:

Great video man, keep em coming

gj Beaudry says:

Great video! Please do some new goalie equipment videos!!!


So one of the biggest factors to determine which skates you should get, is how often you are on the Ice. Im only only on the ice 3 times a week so I should just stick with the 9070.

B05S_M4N0705 says:

Awesome vid Chris keep up the good work

Nobody Nobody says:

Mid range sticks vs high end sticks Btw awesome vid !

Owen Marsh says:

Would you mind doing like a x800 range skate vs a 1x or something like that

WalksWithTurkeys says:

Interesting review but I can’t help feeling that it sounds more like a marketing video than a critical review as you repeat the manufacturer’s claims in an uncritical manner. I’ll give as an example of reality versus marketing clams the Bauer 1S elbow pads. Bauer claim the liner is moisture wicking. In my experience it traps moisture, and they take longer to dry out afterwards due to the liner. In other words the liner does not work as claimed, quite the opposite. They also use a fancy marketing name for the pad at the elbow, FlexOrb, which is just a bit of squishy plastic, and not as good as D3O used by CCM. That said, they are very good pads, but marketing spiel needs to be taken with a puck sized lump of salt. Incidentally a mate has carbon fibre boots, Easton I think, they lasted 8 years, far longer than the non carbon fibre boots he had before, which went soft after a few years. He is an aggressive freestyler.

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