How To Select Your First Pair Of Ice Hockey Skates Important Facts For Beginners (Stiffness)

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Picking your first pair of hockey skates can be tricky, in this video I’ll highlight some of the main facts you should keep in mind when buying. Don’t grab the skate set as the pro’s if your just starting out.

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netsecurityregulator says:

these are some ancient skates

joël raus says:

i gott myself bauer vapor x600 as biginner is that a good skate for biginner or not ?

Andy Orton - Southpaw guitar UK says:

Great vid, if you have a beginner skate would it be ok to stick with for long term recreational skating?

Jason .Tressler says:

im 6 foot and weigh about 280 what skates should i get?

danielj abramov says:

Hi I would like to ask you for a help I’m a beginner and I wanna buy the a least stiff hockey skates so basically I want them to be really soft,I don’t have an apportunity to go to hockey store as I can only get them online would you please recommend me a brand of skates please that will be appropriate for beginner and won’t we that expensive? Thanks

Bjorn Vandewalle says:

CCM 01

Daryl Harrison says:

Good videos mate. Cheers.

Fares Younis says:

my baby sister is goin to start to walk so i need to buy skates for her i think the 1.0 is the way to go thnx hockey tutorial

Jonathan Woo says:

getting my 1X soon, i needed better skates since i skate almost everyday

Syakur Shahrin says:

I don’t agree with him. Based on experience, the stiffer the better, more support. Period.

iLoganC says:

I’m a beginner, which you say tells me I need softer skates, but I’m also a big guy. 6’0″ and 225lbs (16stone) which you say tells me I need stiffer skates. So which should I go with? Thanks!

Harry Sidhu says:

i just bought my first pair CCM Externo E20. Really in great condition.

Steve Sutherland says:

Just bought me a pair of Bauer Vapor Speed TI’s – only bought them to go skating with American family that are over visiting but I can’t stand the plastic rental skates at Riverside, Chelmsford. Cost me £30 🙂

mwkrozo says:

Trusty Bauer Turbos out on the ice today after 22 yrs in the attic.  Only a little bit of rust on the blades which wire wool took care of.  But maybe time for a change…

Tommyboybod6921 Tom says:

i know how to turn stop and do some spins so im decent what skates

Squeakydizzle says:

Hi I haven’t been on the ice for years now and used to have my own pair of skates. but like to get back into it and buy myself another pair of skates. I have pretty skinny narrow size 9 feet. What skates would you recommend? Also would you recommend wearing one or two pairs of socks as I used to wear two as the toe box used to hurt my toes. Thanks

MonsterStyle1 says:

Tuuk is pronounced T ‘ugh’ K not T ‘uke’ K. 🙂

Danny Finch says:

What would you say is the best skate suited to a 6’3 18 stone d man? I’m using Bauer Supreme’s, mid range 12.5 EE and they seem ok, but I was wondering if you know if there’s a specific skate more geared towards heavier guys?


the first skates you showed that are for people that are still getting used to doing tricks, is there any way that i’m able to buy it online?

Marcus Mizerak says:

I just started back after 15 yrs off. I picked up Bauer’s supreme one.4. Bad choice? And advice? Ty… I’m on a budget, hahaha

SupportMain says:

I want to start out playing hockey ! im New as it gets im 24 years old and i want to start or better i need to start at the very basiks ! So is there any gear that that u would recomment on getting(meaning protections and skates) ?

MonarchSports Leytonstone says:

nice video

Nick Frazer says:

I am new to ice skating i am at level backward crossover if i can say so 😀 and i am useing Tempish Boston 33 pounds
 and i am 15 years old is it a good choise or i messed up.

5 Violin says:

Im 16 and i was just about to get my first hockey skates….should i go with the bauer supreme s 140 ?

Mike Ravenscroft says:

I started on CCM 92s when I was 15. They cost me £60 and they were at the very bottom of entry level. I’ve been using them for 10 years now and have just started learning to play hockey. I think it’s finally time to get rid of my old relics and invest in a better pair 🙁 Thinking about getting some Vapor X700s 😀

Somaya Alhadi says:

Thank you that was really helpful because I normally used to skate, but last time with a woman ice skate it was different I couldn’t even stand probably..

Kim Howell says:

I don’t know if I can agree, I roller skate and ski, when I learned both I was taught to use a stiffer boot. I just learned to ice skate last year and was told to buy a stiff boot. I’m trying to find the right boot for my husband so he can learn this year but I can’t trust your information.

Alan Goncalves says:

Thank you!

Cazzum says:

i want to start skating and progress to ice hockey. I’ve ordered very basic OXELO FIT 3 ICE SKATES. not suitable for hockey, but are hockey style skates, is this suitable?

Ryan Miriana says:

I’m 11 and about 100 pounds what pair of skates should I get?

romahnae says:

where was this video before i bought a pair of white k’s about 1.5 year ago… im not really on the ice as much but i’d like to be. i wanna be casual skater with hockey skating skills. right now im looking to get a bauer.. maybe the 140 or the one.4.

Alex Berber says:

i am a beginner and i want to know how to determine width of the boot on the skate if that means anything 

drumskas says:

You’re the best. Thank you for targeting all my interrogatives

TimberWolvesX X says:

nice video mate, great info.

TomatoJoe11 says:

I have flat feet. Do I need a special type of skate?

Donald Recchia says:

Where is this store in London?!

ice shadows says:

hye, im a size 6D of bauer supreme 140…should i take size 5.5 EE or 5.0 D for ccm rbz 100 jr?

Rgaels 6 says:

i have been playing ice hockey for about 9 years now but i haven’t been able to find a pair of skates that support my type of foot. My feet are extremely flat and wide, do you have a recommendation of skate that i could try that would not hurt my feet?

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