How to Fit Skates Properly | Ice Skate Fitting Tips

Fitting skates properly can be tricky, but Deborah of Cyclone Taylor Figure Skating ( give some excellent ice skate fitting tips.

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Jaydien Oscar says:

Am I suppose to wear socks when molding my skates to my feet?

Bryan D says:

is it possible to heat mold jackson mystiques? i noticed that’s the skates used in the video, but i just spoke with my skate shop where i bought my skate from and i was told it’s not possible to heat mold them…

jooniskates says:

Please help, I need advice on which skates to get after my SFR Galaxy ones. I’m going to get a better pair of skates for Christmas, and I don’t know if I should get Jackson Mystique or Artiste? I know artiste are a bit more advanced so they might last me a few more grades than the mystiques. I’m 14, and I’m a skate excel (UK) grade 4 atm. By this christmas i will be grade 5 or 6, i go to 1 lesson weekly. I am very far off practicing any jumps or spins at all, so what do people think?How long do both of those skates last with good care too, do they last more than a year???

Kitty Sinn says:

Hi I was wondering if you could help please?

Im 31 years old and a new leisure skater.. i’ve been a few times. I enjoy going to keep fit and exercise.

I bought myself a pair of skates (thought i should have my own pair if i am going to make this a hobby) and i’m having a lot of trouble feeling stable on them. ( currently still breaking them in as they are quite painful to wear )

Model SFR galaxy adult ice skates size 6

So I am currently breaking in the boots, but its being made more difficult because i feel so very unstable and like the back of the blades do not touch the ice at all.. im not sure what it is that is causing such a difference in the way i skate??

Rental ones I am quite steady on and can go round without wobbling with some decent speed.. my own lace up boots.. i just feel really unsteady and unstable like i cant push off properly as i wobble and the skates slip at the back.

I feel they are laced securely like in your video, they are freshly sharpened as well but i find balancing on them compared to the rental boot skates very difficult.

does anyone perhaps please have any tips if it is possibly something i am doing?? or any idea of how i can fix it?


Ashley Atkinson says:

I have the same brand of skates my are Jackson Elle

Emlin Deli says:

Im iceskating for gym

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