From Jackson Classique to Edea Ice Fly

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Do lots of research and consult a professional before making an investment. This is just my own personal experience, hopefully the information helps with your research process!


Jake Roman says:

Loving your videos girl 🙂 Peace, JR.

Mante Volkaviciute says:

I am a ice skater my skating skais are risporst

Peanut and Oreo Basset says:

People should check eBay before buying skates. I got a brand new pair of Klingbeil S3 boots for $66.49. Nobody bid on them. I guessed at the size and figured that if they didn’t fit, some little girl was going to get a nice pair of skating boots (my feet are tiny). They are a perfect fit (I like to wear wool socks). My guess is that someone ordered them for their child and when they arrived, the child had outgrown them. They haven’t made those boots in years, so I guess they just listed pulled them out of the closet and put them on eBay.

Polarlight Kamjong says:

I have a tip to the other skaters! If your blades has rust on ’em, I suggest you kinda warm them up on the ice like after you wear your skates, go to the rink but only on the entrance and slide it back and forth because if you don’t do that, you WILL fall and that’s for sure hehe ☺

Figure Skating Stan says:

I really liked this video! I’ve been wanting to get Edeas myself, this is so cool! Btw I’m going to do a
livestream on Saturday so please Join if you would like! P.s. it’s going to be on the ice!

• Excuji me • says:

I have Jackson’s. They’re pretty new, a month old. They weren’t used, but they were expensive. They were $130 (96.01 British pounds). I got hard and soft skate guards which in total ended up being $25 (18.46 British pounds). I also got them sharpened which was $12 dollars (8.86 British pounds). This was $167 dollars (123.34 British pounds), so if you’re ready or want to buy your own skates, remember they cost a lot and to have a lot of your money spent. You also should buy a skate bag and get your blades sharpened at least every 12 uses.

Denise and Stephen says:

I love this !! my progress is similar to yours (quick learner) and i plan on getting the Pianos in a year time, was nervous at first but this has given me all the confidence i need

Ariane S says:

Wonderful, good luck to your skating 🙂

its.sophia says:

My first pair of ice skates were Edea Motivo and I have to say they really helped I recommend them to any newbies

Tg Hazelin Ku Chik says:

There should be diamonds babe!


YOU GOT SUCH A GOOD DEAL. Good on you for pouncing on it!

Corey Grunberg says:

I also went for a more advanced boots (I went from beginner boots to Edea concertos) and I love my new boots!!

kassie jane says:

I was eyeing the Chorus for my next upgrade (I’m current in jackson mystiques) but after the clip at the end I’m not so sure. I originally did want ice flys, a friend recommended I go down to a chorus since I’m beginner and it’s cheaper. But….. I don’t want to get a chorus and have it break down on me within a year!

Lea Kaderova says:

How they are sharpen? I mean, if you have some special pattern with various radiuses, you have some documentation to your blades and when they need to be sharpened you go with that documentation into some company with cnc milling machines or what?

Jasmine ジャズミン says:

Wow that’s a good deal you got on those ice flys!!! Nice skates! Good luck with your skating and thanks for the awesome videos!!!

princesshockey says:

They always tell the beginners “don’t overboot!” but I’ve watched your videos and while normally you’d hear someone say “Oh I’ve been skating for a year” and you’d know they were a total beginner, especially as an adult…you’re totally not. You’ve learned really fast, worked really hard, and have made amazing progress for an adult. I don’t think you over-booted at all…you got a great boot for a skilled skater which you are!

Elly Stumpf says:

The reason why most people don’t talk about the blade is because you can get it removed and switched to and added to your current boot.

PRIME says:

How long did it take for you to adjust to your blades? I’m also making a large transition due to my old skates being small. The new skates I have are for triples I believe, while my competitors were for singles to an axel. My cousin gave me her advanced skates to use, and they have the same blades. So I’m a bit curious to know so I can adjust to them nicely. xD I’m really worried I’ll lose all of my jumps and spins.

Danely Gonzalez says:

How soon after starting did you get your Jackson skates?

Vanessa Torres says:

What resources do you use for your research? I am just starting lessons but still using my Reidell skates from middle school! I am interested in getting new skates since mine feel uncomfortable very quickly after wearing them (I think they may be just a LITTLE too small). I have not been able to find much information on how to pick the best skates or blades for me.

Er Bear says:

Omg your so cute girlie! Love your channel! Have any suggestions for good soakers? Mine always fall apart.

Polarlight Kamjong says:

I’m waiting for the edea ice to sp-teri hehehe just kidding

UsaChan VA says:

Will you do a Q&A? I have tons of questions :’3 <3

Kitty Katy says:

What if a beginner starts in professional level skates?, Does it make any difference?

Alicia Pek says:

Hi! I have risport rf4 and im looking to get new skates as these are super broken down… in edea chorus level and im 16yrs old, 167cm(5’6) and 57-58kg…..i want the skates to last at least 2 & 1/2 yrs before i get new ones cos im paying for them myself … should i get chorus or just spend on concertos / ice fly

Anfisa says:

I have the overtures at the moment, and also have a lot of problems with my feet and they are generally awkward when it comes to skates or any shoes to be honest. Do you think it would be too much to jump straight to ice flies because I heard they can help with foot problems because of all the padding, I have all of my jumps upto flip and am working on sit spins and will definitely talk to my coach about this but I was wondering about a second opinion ❤️

Caitlin Germain says:

Edeas are actually a good brand if you want to boot-up (compared to your skill level). I did that and I love mine. Good luck with your skating!

Bryce Ritter says:

I don’t understand how you don’t fall on your face with that toe pick. I tend to trip off the ice with my Riedell pearl toe pick. Is that just me?

Adultskater says:

This is a fantastic video.

Keira's Bunny Ears says:

i got the ice flys boots with the legacy blades.

nora g says:

What blades are on the ice flys?

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