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Laura attends her skating class and skates in her brand new Jackson Ultima Artiste Figure Skates for the first time! We celebrate Valentine’s day at Texas Roadhouse and Jeremy laments the fact that his bike is at the shop. We give Alvin, our kitten, fish for the first time, and he isn’t so sure he likes it at first!

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Filmed on: Tuesday February 14, 2017
Sub Count as of Upload: 211


puppy jimin 2007 says:

you look like you have been taken lessons

Micah Harmon says:

Hi Laura!

Brandon Tran says:

did you have to get them sharpened or did they come sharpened?

Marina Unicorn says:

Aww I love you guys you seem so sympathetic! Also good job on the skating!! How long have you been doing it for? I’m a skater myself

TipsbyBethanie says:

I just found your channel! Subscribing! <3

20's 30's and a baby says:

Your so great at skating Laura! I wish I could do that! I love skating but only know the very basics haha

Timothy and Ariana says:

Just found your channel and have subscribed! Love your vlogs. I’ve wanted to learn how to ice-skate (properly!) for a long time now! We’re a young married couple / vloggers from NEW ZEALAND – would love if you could check us out?! x

nai727 says:

You are a great skater, and I think it’s very inspiring, that you still skate despite you being an adult. Me being a skater myself just want to give you some advice. Store your skates in soakers not your hard guards. Soakers you put on your skates once you get of the ice and wipe your blade. You then Store your skates in the soakers. This keeps them from rusting. You use your hard guards when you are not on the ice, and just walking around. This protects your skates, from becoming in-sharp, and hurting your blades. You can get soakers at your local pro-shop or online. They range from 5-15$ cheers!

TheDorkyDorcas says:

this was a sweet video, i would suggest trying to use music and playing around with your editing skills to try and make it bit and see what you come up with

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