Edea Piano Skates Review +Skating Clips

Thank you all for watching!!! I love all of my little ice skates!!! AND thank you guys so so much for all of the positive feedback, it means the world to me!

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Paisley Mae Harrison says:

Your videos have inspired me so much I’m about to start figure skating lessons and I’m super excited!!!

tomato Apocalypse says:

hey katie! amazing video and i love your skating clipss!! but just one question: why did you switch from jackson to edea?

Gigi Marie says:

Where did you get you new soaker’s at??? I love them and need new ones! please reply, I love you Katie!

Hannah Bingham says:

If you are 13 and just started figure skating, would it be possible to make it in to the Olympics?

sk8ingchamp says:

Katie, I work with Edea boots, and did you know that you can have your boots fitted for your navicular bone, so that you wont need any pads. 🙂

Margaret McElheny says:

What blades do you have??

gallegosc872 says:

hey Katie I think that is so cool you skate at the fiesta Casio i love the ice there its awesome

Alpaca Aliska says:

since year you skate?

Stephanie Hartkemeyer says:

I think those are so pretty. I’m a roller skater and I have fly boots.

민솔김 says:

아 완전갖고싶다


Did you know that Yuzuru Hanyu uses these skates? > o < He's My favourite

death2pc says:

Totally, totally…………….. Like, like, totally……………….

Sireen Da'na says:

I have wide feet so Edea doesn’t work for me

Margie O says:


Laura Lucille says:

I can’t wear Jackson’s because my feet are too narrow….Riedell’s are the only ones that fit me. Do you know how these fit compared to the Riedell’s?

Yoshigxrl says:

So I really want Edea skates but they’re SO expensive! Anyone have recommendations for beginner skates that are not too pricy?

Alena Pons says:

Hi! Can you tell me where you got your gel pads? I have new Concerto boots and my inside bone hurts a lot. Thanks!! Love your videos!

lgcoolstuff says:

what would anyone recomend for me im 14 and i know how to ice skate like ok but i want to be a figure skater what should i learn first….

Abby says:

I’m 13 almost 14 I can’t skate really well, but I can just skate around the rink and stuff. I did gymnastics until I was 10 or 11. Is it too late for me to start figure skating?

Gabrielle Francis says:

no I have wide feet where do I get skates that are made for wide feet please answer I need new skates and my lessons are this coming Saturday

Alpaca Aliska says:

since year you skate?

Meghan Wright says:

Elena Vega if you wanted edea skates I would get edea cours they can do up to doubles

Sireen Da'na says:

I have Jacksons

emilysayingwhat says:

What is plastic ice ???

Marcus L says:

This helped out a lot. I plan to buy the rondo boot & have them shaped & put a sure grip century stopless plate. Even though I don’t figure skate this was very helpful on my next boot choice.

Jess C says:

Edea also makes a D and E width

irlu2 says:

Approximately what size does 245 equate to in American ladies shoe sz??

Mahsa Skates says:

Does anyone know what the background music is?

alice mcgougan says:

I would love to get pianos but threw almost $500


I wonder which skates i should have?
I can go foward and go backwards and i can do most of
the beginner things.
I have found two different skates EDEA motivo and EDEA brio.
I am wondering which of those i should have.
(I am sorry for my bad english) I am not from the UK or the US..

taseronify says:

wow killer boots and nice blades. great for pro skating and you can use them for self defense too! I mean kicking some bad guy with them would totally destroy him. `Figure skate kickboxing` would be an interesting sport

Margie O says:

are those new ones good for beginners?

Elean Nor says:

Do you know what material the Edea skates (not this model, but any) are made from, are they real leather or PVC or some components of leather and PVC?

Joan Watson says:

how do you get the blades

velvetleo says:

Hi there! I’m in love with your channel, I just discovered you and immidently subscribed! I’m going to start figure skating soon, in a week or so. I don’t really know anything about skates but do you have any cheap recommendations for a beginner like me? My friend and I went ice skating the other day (she’s been taking lessons for 1 year) and after skating for 15 min, I could, without effort, skate faster then her and learned how to turn. That’s about the extent of my experience, though I’ve been dancing for 10 years (Im 12) Any recommendations??

Grace Parsons says:

What skates did you have before your Edea ice fly skates???

Kim Keller says:

What kind of blade do you have? Or others your recommend for Intermediate-Novice?

Eliza Hristova says:

You make Axel brilliantly ❤❤❤

inde sherlye says:

These are my dream skates. I have Edeas but they are over 5 years old and they are now a little too small for me, so I have a serious problem… i don’t know where can i buy them, so money is not the biggest problem for me 🙁

Zuramaru says:

My new skates got a dent in them the first time I got them sharpened….. good thing they’re beginner recreational skates so they should last for now….

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