Cheap hockey skates VS expensive skates – What’s the difference

Cheap hockey skates vs expensive skates. What is the real difference? Hockeytutorial custom jerseys –

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Boltzz TV says:

Dude you seem to have passion for hockey. Hope your involved with trying to get hockey more developed in the UK. Would love to see England advance in hockey development and hopefully one day be competing with the big boys.

MrJason300 says:

Great video, thanks!!

DragX Gaming says:

what is a skate in between the two, at a price of arround 100-200$

Thelegend27 says:

when he use your skates as a cheap skates

random12458 says:

The new GTR isn’t a skyline…

cole cho says:

the b roll in this video and lots of your other videos are from the rink i play at, richmond ice center

Beleytte says:

Great video, clear ! Thanks a lot, your yt channel is very helpful !
But I was wondering : I want to buy hockey skates, I’m a beginner (I know the basics), I practice once a week, but I am heavy (120 kg/264 lb) so what should I choose to buy ? (sorry if there are mistakes, english isn’t my native language)

badqct9 says:

Ever thought about doing speed skating?

HoosierSons says:

I use the x300. I don’t play hockey. I do freestyle skating. When I get a lot better. I’ll be moving up in level of skate

Jack Knapton says:

I bought ccm 42k but they kill my feet like mad

Graeme Fox says:

I have only owned pro level goalie skates by Bauer.
What i dislike is the “Designed in Canada, made in Thailand” and have a $8-900 price range. Dont sell me something for that amount when it cost you $50 to make. Bring the plant back to Quebec!!

Marc Fisher says:

Great job on this video, really. Very informative, fast-paced, not repetitive, great command of language… Other youtubers should learn from you seriously.

mdubrey says:

Well done. Thank you.

JF Bsvin. says:

As a proud hockey-maniac Quebecois, I’ve played hockey several years and I’m glad to see that our great game is taking hold in different countries. This is a very good video, very informative. Keep it up!

Bolt Nacz says:

Okay when your foot is growing every 3-6 months for young hockey players aged 5 to 17.Unless your loaded and can by your kid top of the line gear.

Domis Jakubauskas says:

how about walmart (just any unknown brand) level ice skates are they bad for beginner what is the difference between those and a good company skates

Thug Games says:

bauer vapor is the best

bossduff says:

Maybe it would be good to compare a mid range skate along with the lower and upper price range.
I don’t know many people looking for the cheapest skate, I lot of people would spend for mid price.
Doing a mid price skate vid would be a good, and more useful to most players

bossduff says:

What’s price’s

Smurf Scully says:

Who here has what they call the “Bauer foot”

eightball8008 says:

dude your videos are quality.. were you always hockey player? I’ve heard some say it’s nice to learn figure skating footwork before moving into hockey

Breaching Narwhal says:

You didn’t even skate

Smurf Scully says:

Ccm jetspeeds ft1 vs original jetspeeds

Kpoole25 says:

Slap an LS fusion in the 1X and it’d be the lightest fucking skate out of retail.

Kgw100 says:

all the bauer LE trim equipment looks so sick

Over Powered Games says:

i just bought the x200s and then i saw this video… f*ck

Helena Rios says:

What am I doing here? I’m a freaking figure skater.

Austin Roberts says:

Not being racist cause I black but I never thought it would be a black guy talking bout hockey skates

NunchuckDuck says:

why not strap a skate to a ski boot lol.

Jason Michael Kotarski says:

They’ve come along way from the ones I have, pouring boiling water in the boot and wearing them overnight to form to your foot. Inserts, hell I never thought of having inserts in my skates, Brillant!

MrBikeahallic says:

i always wondered about this .. thank you!!!

The Hook says:

Get a bauer hat would ya?

NoahDonegan says:

I have some Bauer x500s

Moritz Friebe says:

I have the vapor x200 and it offers more than enough stiffness and support.. i mean the way he sais they will just almost fall off when you lean into a curve is bullshit. Elasticity isnt even that bad because that way your skate wont snap.

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