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Beat Brugger-Thommen says:

Does the Jag replace the Hawk?

pav sup says:

I want this board

bernardthefourth says:

I have decent CCM 80 series from a few years ago. I wrap sock tape around the top of the ankle area and they are good to go.

Waffles Gaming says:

Do they make roller hockey videos

Thames Channal says:

i just buy 1x le 2nd hand with ls5 carbon and speedplate 2.0 for 280 usd is it good price?

Appoddigare says:

And i thought bauer supreme s140 were good

Michael Kennedy says:

Why are you wearing a CCM hat while your video is about Bauer products ?

Glurp Bot says:

I do figure skating but I was just curious. 😛

scopesryou says:

Thanks for the review. A better review might have been a on ice trial of both skates in a real game.

Aidan and Ashton DIY says:


Otto Sandrini says:

an r35 is not a skyline

Tim Wallace says:

this is the same as cheap stereo vs expensive stereo the price vs performance is the same. In other words if you
pay 10x as much does not mean its 10x better its maybe 25 percent better. Yes there is some basic differences but the
better tech is just a minor difference. Its called marketing. Then they can justify price differences. eventually the custom skate
tech comes to the lower price and by the way the basic skate price will increase. its a way to keep the price increases coming.
its basic marketing 101 In other words the stiffness deal has been going on for years. So yes they are stiffer but it does not jusitfy price

filmemotion says:

Very good discribtion!

Jeffrey Adams says:

use to play hockey, now just mostly recreationally, however I am going to make a change, the boot is fairly uncomfortable

Dave Irby says:

What about goalie skates?

Michael Gor says:

Bauer 1X skates and plastic bag, what is common?

first class junkie says:

The greats played on shitty skates i can too

Aaron ___ says:

I just want a decent comfortable and fast skate.

Jeremy Wiltshire says:

Stiffer the skate the more the break in time. Doesn’t matter if you bake it it’s going to hurt for first couple of skates but when they are done they feel great

Hockey Filip says:

Good video

WalksWithTurkeys says:

Having recently gone from Bauer s160 to Bauer customs, I think this video is excellent and full of useful information. The difference between the two skates is dramatic.

Stone Kold111 says:

i just got the new ccm jet speed shock skates and work great for me

Teymour Amirov says:

*S T I F F*

kyle Sixt says:

X200 is great, I like it a lot.

Eric1KRR says:

Very good info, very well presented. A+

chuckie bass says:

I’m having trouble getting comfortable and controlling my new skates.
I came from Bauer vapor x3.0 then Reebok ribcor pump. I wanted to go to a higher tier of skates and since I’m flat footed, I bought a pair of Nexus 7000. The moment I slipped them on, it felt weird. I skated with them and it hurts like hell, it’s like stepping on those round stones. It’s also not as easy to control as my last skates, it was harder to do a hockey stop and crossover. Do I just need to get used to it or should I just sell them and buy a new pair?

Weeblackie says:

thank you very useful video

Jairo Quintero says:

Thank you for the video.
Wish ice skate boot is the best to locked the back of the foot . When skating. Looking for the best option

saabsly1 says:

Nice vid m*. Really helpfull

Robert M says:

nice review detail to detail. you need to be a narrator! good video. thanks!

T T says:

Ummm.. you had a Pro Skate vs a beginner skate.. you would be better off comparing the brands of mid level skates. CCM vs bauer. True vs bauer etc.

GaimingSoilder21 says:

I just bought the expensive ones yesterday and I’m liking them even more

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