CCM Super Tacks Skates // On-Ice Review with JS from CCM // Montreal

The Super Tacks skates were developed with cutting edge MonoComp frame technology and offer superior performance. Check them out! Click here 👉



josh M says:

Bauer 1x or these CCM Super tacks?

KBYT says:

What should I get. The super tacks 6092 or the CCM tacks. Original

Ashton Stewart says:

I have sf2.

Kyle McClure says:

I have had a lot of fit problems as my foot is flat wide and a high instep , would these be good option and will they have a high volume fit?

lottsalasagna says:

Like my old Easton stealth

lottsalasagna says:

Where are they made

Jed gilmore says:

i have the bauer vapour apx2 right now. i was thinking about switching over to ccm. I’m looking for the skate that provides the best straight away speed. super tacks or jetspeed? suggestions Total Hockey?

hunter Burgeson says:

how come the tongues are different on my super tacks from the one that you guys demoed

Charles Arguin says:

Is there a way of getting these earlier?

Marycon LeFranc says:

+total hockey my super tacks dont fit too well in the heel. Will that change when i get them molded

Kopitar117 says:

Coming from a guy who uses jetspeeds…would these work?

Marycon LeFranc says:

+Total Hockey is there going to be super tacks protective gear? Also when does the super tacks stick come out?

Alex etheridge says:

Wich skate have the best performance between supertacks and Bauer 1s and both fits me excellent

Platon hockey says:

я первый

Anthony Llabres says:

So is this a DEEP High Volume boot like the Nexus 1N? I have that normal heel but wide forefoot, so I would prefer a deeper fitting boot.

turbo66 says:

Hey crew! Im trying to figure out my size in Super Tacks before I order online. I’m in an 8.5EE Bauer 1X with Superfeet and Powerfoot inserts. I plan to stay with the superfeet and the powerfoot inserts too. Is there much difference between the D and EE fit and is there anything else I need to consider? Cheers. L.

owenator73 says:

Does anyone know how much these skates weight?

Thomas Teachout says:

Would a total hockey store be able to install marsblade rollerblades onto a hockey skate boot? I’m going to buy marsblades for off ice but don’t have a rivet machine to take of old holder/steel and install marsblades.

Marycon LeFranc says:

+total hockey why is there no jr bauer 1x pants? I was looking online and they dont have them in my size.

James White says:

i wear mx3 and i am looking at switching the the super tacks. what is the difference between the two.?

NijaBoiTellEm says:

Does anyone know how the Super Tacks 9.5D compare in fit to the Mako II 9.5D?

Dmitriy Ignatov says:

will there be a 300 $ price point for these skates? and would these or jetspeed have a more similar fit to supreme.?

Alex Lau says:

How is the fit compared to the Crazy Lights? I wear a size 8.0E in those.

Michael Bain says:

Will their be goalie skates?

Sabrina Salvo says:

I don’t know which ones to go with, either JetSpeed or Tacks. I’m looking for comfort and speed as well as protection. Can u help me out?

Dominick Crouchelli says:

It’s not really a “review” if it’s sponsored by the maker of the product

Kyle Spillman says:

They look like Graf skates

Elite Synergy says:

do you think i would be able to use it if i just came from the jet speeds

flyers10az says:

Is the last for a slightly wider foot like previous Tack model? Also, how does fit compare to Makos or VH Footwear?

Marycon LeFranc says:

+total hockey why is there no d30 foam for the player ccm super tacks?

Dan Williams says:

Random Question…what CCM gloves is he wearing?

Alex etheridge says:

How much does this skates weight?

Anthony Llabres says:

Man I miss the Old Easton S17, S17 boots They were one piece and man they fit like a glove. They just had not perfected the materials like today. I would like to see this boot have the low profile round toe like the old Eastons too. I don’t like or need all that room in a SQUARE toe box!!! BRING them back!!!

Marycon LeFranc says:


Marycon LeFranc says:

i won those skates on the contest

4 Stroke Life says:

im scared that my skates wont fit properly

Nlivegold Live says:

if I wear these instead of the riedell rentals will I still suck ? I can kind of get around but they hurt like hell and the blade like vibraates back and forth, this is because i’m not good at all i’ve literally only been once, but I wwas thinking that getting these would make me better, and I would have a lot funner instead of not havin gmuch control and almost plowing into kids. Thank you

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